Chinese goods flood the twin-city markets

CHINA-made goods of every sort have inundated the markets of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The twin-city markets are flooded with T-shirts, sunglasses, pencils, pens, circuit breakers, auto parts, inexpensive high-quality fabrics, foot-ware and electrical and electronics appliances. At this time, all major twin-city markets are replete with smuggled goods thus turning the whole country into a Bara Market.

People can buy a colour TV set now for just Rs. 4,000. The screen for these television sets is taken from computer monitors and the frame is of China made. Automobile parts, medicines and jewellery are some of the other products which are smuggled into Pakistan. Cars, bicycles and other such commodities are a lot more expensive in Pakistan as compared to China.

Local markets are replete with smuggled foot-wares. Smuggled textile materials possibly make up half of the total fabric sales in the twin cities.

Chinese products in the Pakistani market have been discernible for quite a few years. But the year 2003 saw an unprecedented surge of Chinese goods hitting the local markets. The list of the products that have found their way into the markets over here is long and varied

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  1. Frederick Welsh (unregistered) on January 18th, 2006 @ 7:59 pm

    It looks like Pakistan is having the same benefits and problems with Chinese trade that we are having here in the United States. I love the cheap goods but half the small manufacturing companies have shut down in this area. I also suspect that Chinese workers are doing a great deal of work for very little pay. I believe they are giving a lot and getting only a little. If this is truly a flat world and everyone competes in the same labor market we must know what fair labor rates are and who is being abused.

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