The Booster booooosts up …!

I posted a picture of a booster here days back, the story realted to it is this:

No doubt, the construction boom in Islamabad has demolished while the commercial boom is on the rise. The green patches in the residential areas are being rented out to cellular phone companies for placing their towers. The most recent incident is of a foreign cellular phone company, which has installed a high rise tower in Street 5, amidst the posh residential sector of F-8/3.) As soon as the tower machinery started arriving in the area, the concerned (and upset) residents of the area met the CDA Chairman (now in his new look after the hair transplant) to complain, but it was to no avail. So the last resort —- a stay order from the court. But the ‘might is right’ theory worked and the stay order revoked and construction started with full swing. The tower is now fully in place. The question the residents of the area ask is, would the company do the same in the country of its origin? Or is it just do-as-the-Romans-do for them in Pakistan?

“The rays that the towers emit are damaging to human beings. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority site has details on its effects,” a resident who also happens to be a doctor, expresses his concern. Sites for cellular phone towers are commercial ventures and should be away from residential areas. Besides environment and health, invasion of privacy of the houses in the area is another important issue for the residents to complain, as the tower engineers have to climb up the huge tower and get a bird’s eye view of what is happening inside them.

via Dawn

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