Weather in Islamabad – Now!

Assalam o alaykum w.w.!

Ahhh … the weather’s getting warmer day by day here … The evening seem to bemore of April ones … night wind sounds good … the chilling factor long gone …!

I even switched on fan for few minutes today … (that’s because I spent two full hours in front of stove and oven :)) … any how … these days make me remember those old good cold days of february few years back …!

This year we had only one major(even that was not quite a major one) rain while few years and by few years I mean 5-6 years back, the rains in winter would go for 10-15 days long … that would make Islamabad look even prettier … :-)

Oh please my dear Allah , give us some good and blessed rain … we dont want summers already … because that would be then a long long summer here from Feb to Oct …. we used to have good winters from October to March :/

Confused on the weather!

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