Pakistan has highest number of drug addicts: director ANF

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan has the highest number of drug addicts in the world, said Director Anti-Narcotic Force Anwar Hafeez.

He was addressing a seminar on “Role of public representatives and civil society against drug abuse” here Tuesday at a local hotel. The seminar was held as part of an anti-drug campaign launched by Rawalpindi Arts Council.

Anwar said according to a survey conducted in 2001, the total number of drug addicts in Pakistan was around four million, out of which half a million were chronic heroine addicts. He added that injecting drugs was a major cause of spread of HIV/AIDS among the younger generation and if not checked, could lead to an epidemic.

Highlighting the functions of the Anti-Narcotics Force, he said the force also played a role in reducing “demand reduction” of drugs in the country.

Anwar expressed concern regarding the rehabilitation facilities provided to drug abusers. He believes that the existing facilities should be upgraded with better staff, including a psychologist.

“This problem cannot be solved by one organisation alone, citizens should also cooperate and help promote the anti-drug campaign,” he said. Potohar Town Nazim Hamid Nawaz Raja reinforcing what Anwar Hafeez said announced that he would look into the matter of improving the rehabilitation facilities.

Special Advisor to Punjab Chief Minister Raja Mohammad Nasir, who was the chief guest, also addressed the gathering. He pointed out that the prevalence of drug abuse was higher in rural and remote areas where people lacked information. He said there was a need to create awareness in these areas.

Raja Nasir announced that the government would soon launch an anti-drug campaign which would be carried out at all levels. Seminars would be held starting from the first week of July at the district level to educate people in rural areas about the harmful affects of drug abuse. He also said the government was ready to grant funds for promotion of the anti-drug campaign started by Rawalpindi Arts Council.

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  1. ghalia aymen (unregistered) on June 29th, 2006 @ 11:41 am

    to add some spice in to your details.THIS is a survey on the viral hepatitis in pakistani population.

    to add some spice in to your details.THIS is a survey on the viral hepatitis in pakistani population.


    1 CHILDREN – 2.29%–2.53%
    2 PREGNANT WOMEN- 2.47%–5.20%
    3 GENERAL PUBLIC- 2.59%–5.31%
    4 RECRUITS– 3.48%—3.12%
    5 BLOOD DONORS— 2.38%—3.64%
    frequent blood
    IDU’s prison
    inmates etc13.05%—10.35%
    LIVER DISEASES–25.67%-54%

    *HBsAg:hepatitis B surface Antigen

  2. Hamid Rasool (unregistered) on July 16th, 2006 @ 4:53 am

    Allah has not prohibited the poppy plant. How can mere humans pretend to prohibit it? Prohibiting the poppy and its products means only wealthy people can get it and so the rest of us who want to try the Poppy product, which some have described as a gift from Allah, will end up with AIDS or in prison.
    Allah will deal sternly with those outlawing what Allah himself has given us as a gift.
    Governmental corruption is what typically leads to government prohibition of things which God has allowed. These governments and their officials profit from the black market trade they create by prohibiting gifts from Allah. They know we will seek to get it anyway, but with this arrangement, it is easy for them to feed from the evil black market they create, and then with the evil system in place they can bring home drugs and money for themselves.
    Allah sees these things.
    The prophet (praise be upon him) has warned them.

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