Bizarre Situation For Students!!!

the main problem students are facing now a days is the entry in the universities for post graduation in islmabad.

Now a days the main problem students of graduation are facing includes the result of graduation exams and the admission, for the post graduation, in a good university.” they are having butterflies in their stomach for both the tasks because for former they know what will going to be happen and for the later they do not have any idea what a mess is coming toward them”.

One tension is not over that another one welcomes them and that is the admission in a good university, for post graduation. Each university has its own criteria for admissions. Some start their admissions in august and some in January.
In Islamabad there are already few universities so students are left with no choice. For January admissions students have to wait for 5 months, which is so unfair.

Summer session universities out their result at different dates and fee submission dates are different too. Which left the students in a bizarre situation. They cannot wait for the results in all the universities, they appear for the test, because at that time many universities close their admissions.

So what happens in the universities of Islamabad especially, as there are countable one, students do not take chances and are forced to take admission in the university, not of their own choice.

For the solution of this problem there should be a universities board, especially private universities, which organize the administration of all the universities and manage to start admissions at a certain date and out the result of entry test at same dates. In this way student get a chance to choice his university and then go for it.

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