hiring a taxi…is a hassle!

hiring a taxi on a reasonable fare is very difficult.the taxi drivers get high price but give no facilities, which a taxi should have.

Taxis are considered to be the fastest way of transportation, of course after airplanes. But this fastest way of transport is becoming very expensive on daily basis.
When former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif introduced “yellow cabs” the idea got popular amongst commoners only because it had the facility of no hassle, solid rent. These taxis were running on meter and passengers knew their fair by kilometers, which was a satisfying feeling. There were no bargaining involved plus saved people from sitting in stinky, rotten taxis and ill-mannered drivers.

Now slowly and gradually again there are no meters and clean, reasonable taxis. Since there is no check and balance from government and from people of the nation as well things are getting worse. Government is so busy solving unsolvable issues that apparently it has forgotten the social matters of our country. Everything government announces is a favor to the nation and nit the duty.

Aahhh!!!! so sad to discuss politics so lets get back to our point. Taxi drivers are so manipulative these days that if we go to a taxi stand to hire one no one will agree o lesser amount, they all will join hands together in this situation either we lose the battle and pay the demanded price or keep on hunting for an individual taxi. If you have skills and are really sticky and chewy like a gum than go ahead and bargain with the drivers and you might end up on a reasonable deal.

The darker the day gets the higher the fares are, and gets specially worst if taxi seeker is a female and unfortunately if you are dressed up and look little rich, as you might have borrowed an expensive dress from your friend, than you have it baby! Pay the price double to your dress cost.

I personally do not mind paying a little bit more only if the taxi is a reasonable car and not a space machine. These taxis, now a days on the road are like space rockets you never know which part of the rocket will dismantle and go free and wild in the air, or may be that part is you. Let me tell you a secret, if you ever going to a dinner or have to rock in a party, never hire a taxi specially the black taxi. The reason is after sitting into the taxi you will land in to a party and look like a scary crow instead of a prow queen.

All I want to say after this long boring essay is that why we cannot do any thing about this issue? Why we do not have an outlet where we can place our complaints? And what should be done knowing the fact that there is no one to talk to. We ourselves do not bother taking further steps to resolve our social problems. No heavenly power will come to us until or unless we try to solve our problems.

Do share your experiences of hiring a taxi and what do you thing, what should be done to keep the taxi drivers on the right path?

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  1. Asma (unregistered) on September 9th, 2006 @ 4:47 pm

    Well, luckily after experiencing lahori chinghchii and rickshaw … isloo’s taxi … zindabad :D

  2. Nauman Ali Alvi (unregistered) on September 13th, 2006 @ 5:53 pm

    Compared to Karachi, it is much easier getting a taxi in Islamabad and on the whole the taxi drivers are much more polite as compared to thier counterparts in Karachi. THE fares asked for are also rather reasonable. I am a Karchiite and was recently in Islamabad for two weeks. I had a very good experience with taxi wallas. Since I had no other means od transport, taxis were the only means to get to places.

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