EarthQuake 2005 Pakistan – Recalled

When the cries touched the sky,
It was a silent day……
When birds were flying with peace,
And mountains were standing high…..

Something shook my bed,
It was an earthquake that made all cry…
It was like a judgment day,
When while praying out throats went dry….

The panic, the tears and terror,
Made everyone fear to die….
We called for mercy and forgiveness from Heaven,
And prayed for this moment to pass by…

When our faith lifted us up,
And gave us courage to ally……
God saved us from death and misery
And gave us vision to help and try…

To comfort those who lost all,
Family, homes and friends……
Whose loved ones died and got injured,
But still have kept the strength….

Help, love and care arrived,
From all around the globe……
It was like the ray of light,
For those who survived the stroke…

We all got united,
Free of country, faith and fears,
And gave the world this message……
To wash away the tears….

Life has changed a lot,
But left us with a thought….
We should live in peace and love,
Is the lesson this disaster has taught….!

By: Sonya Anjum Saba

Ask Yourself, Have You Forgotten The8th October Sufferings …?

More on earthquake by me can be found here. For better Visual and Emotional overview of Pakistan earthquake, follow this EarthQuake Flickr group.

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