Earthquake 8th October 2005 – Memoirs

One year passed since the horrific scenes we witnessed in Islamabad … NWFP and Azad Kammu Kashmir … those moments remain etched in my memory and would remain so for all my life …. Anguish … pain … but Will to do something was the feeling every Pakistani was filled up from Karachi to Khyber … !

Since in Islamabad we felt equal horrendous jolts for 4-6 long minutes … saw the Margalla Towers collapsed within moments reminding of Surah e zilzaal …. How Allah’s wrath … time of true assessment can fall upon our shoulders in moments ….!

The moment I first saw the collapsed Margalla towers is something that even haunts me now … such passionate souls were going inside the rubble, that is truly beyond words, digging for life … feeling for life … 00+ people were standing there … since using certain apparatus rescue teams and army was searching for life beneath the rubble that needed complete silence … one shout came for silence and 100+ people even held their breaths … it was more than pin drop silence … everyone silently praying for Allah’s miracles … for life …!

Islamabad MetroBlogging team, if I’m not forgetting, consisted of me and Talha at that time and since Islamabad was center of almost every quake related activity … we blogged actively on Lahore’s MB … thanks to the whole cooperative team of Lahore MB, for giving way to our emotions through their pages …!

The first few days after the quake were enormously filled with moments of grief … hints of hope … lots of prayers … every live person who got out from the rubble had millions of people praying for his/her life … every single person who went inside the rubble risking his own life had millions to back his bravery and above of all humanity … they were neither experienced diggers nor people with life saving and disaster management trainings …. They were mere students … young blood … youth … in late teens … twenties and maybe thirties … all filled up with the love for humanity …. !

To commemorate the Loss of over 100, 000 people in eye’s blink … the eternal sufferings of millions after 8:50:38 – October 8th, 2005 … I salute hereby to all enthusiastic … soulful … people who heartens you and I pray that Allah may bless all the departed souls and people still in grievances with smiles … love …. Life – amen!

Ask Yourself, Have You Forgotten The 8th October Sufferings …? More on earthquake by me can be found here. For better Visual and Emotional overview of Pakistan earthquake, follow this Pakistan earthquake Flickr group.

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