One confusion lead by another!

The police and law enforcement team find two more rockets from shaker pariya Islamabad. Police says that they got the news at 9:00 am on Saturday and quickly sealed the area of Kashmir highway. The rockets were Russian made once used in the war between Russia and Afghanistan. (Where these things lead us to?)

S.S.P Sikandar Hiyat tell the newspapers that the rockets were of same size and shape as were found in front of parliament house. The rockets are dismantled and are now in the custody of police.

Now this news spread all over the world. Later police inspector Islamabad General Iftikhar Ch. Corrected the news that the police itself placed the rockets. It was a practice to be prepared for such situations. Now is not it that the previous rockets found were also placed for a practice? What is the truth?

Consider the humiliation we have to face in the outer world. Our authorities are not sure what is happening and just giving their own statements one after another.

Mr. Aftab Ahmed Khan Sher Pao said that the rockets were once used in afghan, Russian war. Can somebody ask him how these rockets come in Pakistan? Later he said that they were placed to create an air of fear in the nation. Those who were against the visit of General Perwaiz Musharaf to USA placed it.

The next question comes in my mind is, if he know who were against his visit to USA than he surely know who is behind it. Is not it so?

Why our government keeping us behind the smoke screen? It seems as they are handling kids not a mature nation. We have the right to know each and everything going on in our country.

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  1. Asma (unregistered) on October 10th, 2006 @ 12:11 pm

    On light note … so many rockets in our town … coolio … as far as they dont hurt anyone … obviously ….!

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