Who will write for them?

Almost all of us are enjoying the rejuvenating, blissful Holy month of Ramazan. Mosques are full of the faithful worshipers. The bazaars and streets are full of a new type of beggars! These men, women and children are not asking for charity any more. They are demanding ‘Zakaat’. And they are getting it!

There was a wonderful debate on a private TV channel the other day. May be there were more then one episodes of the programme in which the religious scholars, government officials and general public representatives were present, deliberating at length as to how ‘Zakaat’ should be disbursed as well as various other points.

And here is this woman, somewhere in the industrial area of the federal capital, trying to earn a day’s living by picking metal pieces out of this pile of waste disposed off by some industrial unit out in the open.

The fact that such a disposal of industrial waste is allowed under the law and how damaging it could be for our environments is a different matter. But at least this has provided this poor woman a chance to earn something out of it! And we have no reason to doubt that there must be hundreds of thousands such women (and men as well) who have opted to work hard instead of taking to the streets and bazaars to beg!

These women and men expose themselves to grave health hazards but somehow they are getting along. Like this woman in the picture other innumerable such individuals must have been working hard for a living.

We really wonder if they fall in the category that is eligible to receive ‘Zakaat’ from the concerned government department! Even if we may take it that they do fall in the category that is eligible to receive ‘Zakaat’, even then they are unlikely to receive it if we believe what we made out of the TV debate on ‘Zakaat’.

First of all such individuals would be required to apply for grant of ‘Zakaat’ and would be required to substantiate their claim through certain documentary evidences. To begin with, write an application and approach the right office.

Then they would be required to furnish a certificate from their respective Union Council member. Then those documents need to be attested by an authorised person. Then they would be required to submit their application, supported by all the necessary supporting documents to the right office.

Then the office would process their case and if found satisfactory they would be offered ‘Zakaat’ from the government funds. Who will write the first application for such individuals? Better let them do what they are doing!

By Mobarik A Virk.

Via News

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