Time to think for the future!

Well, guys, this is not another ‘I am so sad for 8th October’ post, even though I am – this is a more confrontational post regarding what we need to change from the last time the tragedy took place. Read on.

Nothing at the level of 8th October 2005 was expected to hit Pakistan – even more so, Islamabad. But all of our believes were shattered into pieces when God showed us how I’ll prepared we were infront of his powers. We can never ever prepare for anything God might test us with… but it certainly isn’t right to sit idle and wait for another calamite like this to take place and thousands more to loose their lives in a matter of seconds just because their contractor was corrupt.

We as a nuclear nation need to think hard and long at what our priorities should be at this time. A very few of our leaders have shown that they are quite capable of making good decisions on higher level. On a lower level’s quite different and it has been like this since long. Neglect, ignorance, corruption and unprofessional approach to every dealing is something we get to see even when hitching a ride on an inner city public transport.

I being an Islamabadi was really proud at the fact that how clean my city was, the greenery, the lower crime rate, good education, and its international appeal that was way above other Pakistani cities. But the chaos that ensued after 8th October 2005 was a real eye opener…!

Firstly, the capital of Islamabad had no way of removing such large amounts of rubble. To this day, the debris from the Margalla tower’s site lies on the compound next to it. Its been one year now and there is no sign of it moving anywhere. It still has tattered and torn clothes hanging off the metal sticking out of it.

Secondly, Islamabad authorities didn’t have any idea how to rescue people from underneath the debris who were breathing their last and could have been rescued and saved had there been a proper arrangement for search and rescue for any building collapse. But instead we had out British friends show us how :_( This is where a properly equipped fire and police department come into play…! I remember some years back, there was a tower in Blue Area that went up in smokes and there was nothing anyone could do about it. I have no idea as to what they will do with the building, as it stands like that till today, if I am not wrong.

The law enforcement also looked bewildered at this situation who instead of stopping people from climbing the already weakened structure of the building climbed on it and started searching for people from there. Hopeless!

To further add to all the agony already enhanced by the helplessness of the authorities, local officials and senior officials came to visit the site for PR purposes in turn causing all rescue efforts on the site to halt and caused a lot of frustration for the already deployed rescue workers.

I could go on for ages and ages, and rant about the smallest things, but the few that I did mention do indeed need a lot of time and thought. I was scared out of my wits when the similar ‘Pompeyish’ fate could have been that of Islamabad :( Its time to think for the future and learn from the past! God only helps those who help themselves!

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