Just before eid …

A very sad incident took place yesterday (jumat-ul-wida) in Masjid Salman Farsi I-10/2. A person fell from the top of the mosque. It was announced today that the person has now died.

What actually happened was … It was the time of the Jumma prayer, just before khutba. And the mosque was completely packed with followers. At the top floor, some safein (rows) at the rear end were not covered with carpet. Some person told this poor guy to carpet the floor. He with the help of a kid was carpeting the floor, and while doing so, he fell from the top.

He was unconscious at that moment and people took him to a hospital, but couldn’t reach the hospital alive. Today in the fajr prayer, molvi sahib announced this. He also told that he had 2 daughters and 1 son, who was only 1 month old.

He died on the jumat-ul-wida, in Ramadan, in a mosque while fasting and with a purpose of namaz in mind. The only thing I can think of is that he must be very religious and very close to Almighty Allah. But what will happen of those kids, who were waiting for eid, but have just lost their own father. Please pray for him and the kids.


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  1. mansoor (unregistered) on October 22nd, 2006 @ 7:56 am

    Inna lilahi wa inna lilahi rajeoon

  2. Phil (unregistered) on October 22nd, 2006 @ 8:36 pm


    A sad moment indeed :_(

  3. Asma (unregistered) on October 23rd, 2006 @ 8:30 am

    Inna Lilah E Wa inaa layhe Rajeyoon …!

    Thats so tragic and sad … and with such lil kids at home … may allah bless his soul and may his family be blessed with rahmats too … It must be so hard …!

  4. ustad rustam (unregistered) on October 23rd, 2006 @ 3:05 pm

    Ive heard that the molvi sahib was collecting zakat from the people that day to give to his family, as the guy was not a rich one. may Allah bless his family, ameen.

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