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About 3 months ago, we had people moving into our next door. And to be honest, we didn’t even notice until they once came to our place to introduce themselves. Soon after, my mother and the mother of their family became good, trusting friends. The aunty and my ma starting going to shop and visited each others house on a regular basis. This was the first time we ever considered visiting our neighbors and to be honest, it’s quite fun.. and important too.

During my short time in Islamabad, I’ve managed to move houses 3 times and this was the first time I’ve ever really seen my mother visiting a next door. People in Gujranwala and cities alike, have the culture, maybe, of meeting and greeting but most parts of Islamabad don’t have this habit.(I say Gujranwala cuz the new family was from the city.) During the one and half year we spent in I-8/4, we didn’t know any of our neighbors nor could we tell if a person lived in the neighborhood or not.

Knowing your neighbors well, has innumerable advantages, all of which I realized after I came in contact with these neighbors myself. Seriously, we can ask for anything without any hesitance and we’re sure they won’t reject. They’ll sacrifice anything you can think of, and most importantly: time. This kind of trust gives comfort and a sense of security, too. And it’s important in the time of emergencies, when we know they’ll wake up for us even at 2 in the morning. In some situations, no other relative or friend can help cuz they live far away.

These were the options, I had never considered before. There are so many citizens, who still don’t consider their neighbors as friends. Apart from some people living in apartments, most islooites are still living the same way I used to and believe me, they’re missing a very beautiful part of life. If they, for once, know how much it pays to be friends with their neighbors, they’ll know it for themselves what I mean.

You must agree, people in Islamabad don’t have this habit of meeting fellow neighbors and I really want people reading this to try it, and believe me; life will InshaAllah become more entertaining n fun. We are, by Islam, told to meet and greet them but unfortunately, we’ve forgotten that. I’m not that good a writer, but I hope I’ve conveyed my message properly.

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  1. Phil (unregistered) on October 30th, 2006 @ 10:08 pm

    Lets rephrase this, ‘Islamabadis don’t like interfering with other people’s lives’ all that lot.

    You have a genuine point but I see this happening in other ‘big’ cities, unlike Gujranwala alot too and I am not shocked.

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