Savour the flavour

For the people who are new in Islamabad, I can tell them proudly that we are not devoid of good desi food eatries. As posted earlier, Munchies in Super Market F6 is a favorite amongst people for a quick bite. A totally local enterprise doing so well in the face of more powerful international joints.

Another local brand or food joint originally started in Rawalpindi, our forgotten ‘twin city’, is Savour Kabab Pullow which has made its way easily to Islamabad. Its a huge hit amongst people of all ages. Savour, as most of us like to call it, specializes in making really good Pullow and beef kababs. And thats all they make. But without a doubt the flow of people into their Blue Area outlet tells one that what they really make is much much more.

Savour, as I have come know, was started by a cook who moved to Rawalpindi from Faisalabad leaving his job there for a new start. His break came 15 to 16 years ago in the form of his own resturaunt and it was a huge success in that city. His servings are different combinations of kabab’s and chicken pieces with lots to Pullow, salaad (salad side), and raitaa (sour yogurt). I eat like an animal, and I dont think I have ever been able to finish one serving, or one plate of it in one go.

With a really effective method to help people take away their food in plastic and paper bags, they are not only serving people at their homes, they have a seperate section to sit down in eat. They also do party orders, and even serve you with proper party-ware meal boxes and cutlery. A very good idea for an office party or a small meeting (dont forget to call me when the order arrives, lol). Their staff might not be the most courteous in the world, but their streamlined ordering line is something taught at really good institutions.

I suggest their food to anyone who is really hungry and needs a cheap meal to have on the go. Their flavour is really something to savour, and I am not exaggerating :) Cheers.

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  1. A for Apple (unregistered) on November 17th, 2006 @ 11:15 pm

    Haaa .. I’m all time Savour lover tooo …. Well I guess savour is even older than 15-16 yrs span … And yup if anyone’s planning to eat their … Gimme a call too :>

  2. Phil (unregistered) on November 18th, 2006 @ 6:01 pm

    Count me in ;) :D What do you call a Deigh in English? Goblet :s ? Thats too an archiac term for the thingie…

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