Dengue Advisory

Even though Islamabad is not really in the midst of the dengue epidemic as the authorities are taking a much better stand against it than in Karachi, i still feel this post would be pertinent here too.

Afterall, prevention is better than cure. I still remember seeing the spray vans going around while i was there. PSO issues an advisory on how to detect presense of dengue-carrying mosquitoes which i’ll share below. Read up and let me know if you do find any dengue mosquitoes there.

Following steps may help to detect the presence of dengue mosquito in and around the close vicinity of your home.

  1. Take an empty transparent clean and clear glass.
  2. Place a plain white paper inside the glass in such a way that it covers the entire inside of the glass from top to bottom.
  3. Fill the glass with water up to mid level in a manner that the upper half of the glass remains dry.
  4. Place a green leaf of appropriate size (of any plant) in the glass.
  5. Keep the glass outside the house but under the shade (Gallery, terrace & balcony etc.) to avoid exposure to sunlight. Let this glass remain for 5-6 days and keep observing it daily.
  6. If dengue mosquitoes are in your locality, they will lay eggs inside the glass. These eggs look like small worms.
  7. In such a case, please get proper fumigation/spray of your house and contact the area NAZIM of your locality for spray in the adjacent localities as well.

PDF Download from here.

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