A Serial Killer On Our Roads

Overload.jpgThere has been a silent serial killer on our roads. The one that is brutally damaging our life lines in the Capital, the roads. Yes the serial killer I am talking about is that the overloaded multi axial heavy duty truck trailer. A simple but persistent violation of the law is continuing to bleed the national exchequer of million of rupees if not billions. Every time a truck, loaded beyond all laid down specifications starts rolling on the road anywhere in the country, it starts creating an adverse impact on the countryside road network that eventually would cost the public in the shape of repair/reconstruction of these roads destroyed by a few for their personal gain.

Even we, the residents of the federal capital, who by many accounts from people in the other cities, are leading a pampered luxurious lives away from Pakistan, including the best roads, feel the bad impact of this menace of over loading.

There are four major entrances\exits to the Federal Capital. All of them are in an enervated state. A ride up or down the Kashmir highway, the “yet to be formally inaugurated” I.J Principal road or the Islamabad Highway, that we, the residents of Islamabad have to ride through not so frequently make us wince and grumble, while negotiating with the deep ruts, broken patches and bumpy surfaces of these highways.

I wonder where all the hard earn tax money goes, when I think that there are only two weigh stations in the country; one near Sangjani Toll Plaza in Islamabad, and the other somewhere near Karachi.

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