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My friend and I had a great fun that day. We went to cave restaurant then Rahat bakery and later hade shake from Dunkin Donut. You must be thinking that we ate a lot but it is not like that we have planned to taste everything that day we liked.

Anyways on our way back home there was a strange noise coming out of my car. I stopped the car and looked at its wheel if it got punctured, it all looked fine to me, so I started the car again and the moment I started driving the same noise started again. I had no option but to stop and wait for some one from my home to come and help me out.

Aahh sighs; no one received my call :( now I was all on my own (as my friend was of no use to me…heehee). I did not have my mechanics’ number and was cursing the day I lost it. After waiting for a while my friend saw the traffic police car and asked me to wave at them, before I could do that they saw me and stopped.

In a decent way the police man asked madam what is the problem. I tell him the story, he called his fellow police man from the car. He looked at the wheel and took it out. After a brief look he said that the break bushes are damaged. The called the help unit, which has all necessary equipments to fix the basic problems, occur in a car. After waiting for another 20 minutes a car came and a man instantly take out the gadget and looked at the wheel. He said the same thing. It was finally decided that the car has to be taken to the workshop.

They toad my car and took me to me mechanics’ shop. The did not ask for any charges just asked my name and phone number fro the record and before leaving they requested that I should call at 915 and leave my comment about their service and if I liked it I should recommend that there should be more help units. As there is only one car in the whole Islamabad which provides the services where ever it is needed.

So I came back home and called for the comments to 915. I told them I was very pleased with their services and they should increase the units so that they can give wider services. In reply he said that the problem of lack of units is that we do not have enough mechanics suitable for the job.

But I am sure if all of us who enjoy such things would care to appreciate it, the other side will be motivated to do a better job as well. Let’s remember to send our gratitude where it is due.

I was quite impressed with the services especially my friend who is just visiting from US. She keeps on saying woo good, great such facilities should be introduced in Pakistan, and asked me to write about it.

It is a good step towards the public service. Traffic police is showing progress in their work and attitude towards the civilians. Hope same police force is introduced in the whole Pakistan with same rules and regulations and attitude they follow, in our beautiful Islamabad.

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  1. MU (unregistered) on January 18th, 2007 @ 1:27 am

    Sounds almost unreal…if a few more things could be nearly as good……

  2. JayJay (unregistered) on January 18th, 2007 @ 2:37 pm

    Impressive. A commendation letter to the SP Traffic Police (F-8) can go a long way to acknowledge the help and the helpers.

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