If you remember one of my article “learn from my experience” in which I mentioned about the wallet and bag snatchers on bike. Two guys on a bike snatched my wallet in Rawalpindi. It is been more than two months and still it is going on, on the main street and bazaars of Rawalpindi.

I met my friends few days back and one of them told me that in front of KFC two men on a bike snatched the bag from a lady and she fell on the road while struggling to get her bag back, they push her away and her head hit a rock, on the road. She was unconscious lying on the road and no one dared to pick her as she was a lady and men did not want to touch her. Such an illiterate behavior will only be seen in Pakistan. She lye there until my friend and her aunt pick her up. Meanwhile, lady’s husband and son came running from their car and took her o the hospital.

Before this incident two men on a bike snatched the bag of a lady in the car, on gun point. Is not it a bizarre situation, taking place in the city of Rawalpindi. The police force of Rawalpindi taking no quick action against such crimes. Such crimes spread like a virus. It starts from one area and spread all over the place and it become difficult to control when its network is spread so widely.

I do not know if our guardians are ignoring the problem or completely unaware of it. People are not safe in their own cities, streets and home. We have to stop it now or it will never be stopped by anyone.

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  1. mansoor (unregistered) on January 26th, 2007 @ 3:51 pm

    “Such an illiterate behavior will only be seen in Pakistan.” after you get beaten up for helping a lady once or twice.. you learn to keep your distance.. its a harsh reality, but people dont understand if your trying to help a lady or trying to abuse her, and start hitting you before asking questions… :S

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