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well, Orcale submitted this story through Story suggestion, and I think it deserves to be on IMB. So here it goes

Who is CDA ?
Well in the whole world cities are goverened by the Mayor and his/her members. I would like to know who is CDA?? which citizen of Islamabad has elected its chairman and other decision makers? On whose behalf they are deciding- is this city for its citizens or only for CDA’s staff?? Coming to CDA’s other adventures like provision of safe drinking water they have been successfull but in what sense?we thougt that they will renew water network to provide safe water like developed nations but instead they geniously put an old tradition of well water fetching in Islamabad… Similarly they will fail in their road projects because they will never be able to fetch up with the increasing number of cars in the city. Instead of developing Public Transport system they are cutting trees and trying to widen roads… for how long they will sustain??

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  1. Abrarism... (unregistered) on February 8th, 2007 @ 12:10 am

    an excellent point!!!
    they always lack log term planning!

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