Operation Lal Din And It’s Consequences

I picked up the news paper today and the Lal Din mosque issue is on the front page. I believe this matter has now taken a serious turn and we could see some big drama if the negotiations do not come around successful. Apparently it seemed that the government and the clerics had reached an agreement. Now it seems something else is brewing up again. If it can help in understanding the gravity of the issue, 4500 personnel have been deployed to take part in the operation being dubbed as operation Lal Din. They have been equipped with sophisticated weapons to use in the operation.

City authorities have offered alternative sites for mosques and religious schools, which official say have been put up illegally including this madrassa. However, the clerics have vowed resistance.

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  1. ABRARISM... (unregistered) on February 10th, 2007 @ 11:50 pm

    yeah, now its the time when this drama should come to an end!
    attitude from both sides is wrong, i wonder why the CDA officials are always sleeping when they are building mosques or other buildings on the so designated green belts! why dont they check them in the very begining, there are so many examples, if u happen to go in Karachi company G-9, i know abt 5 mosques built in market on green belts…first they are temporary under tents, then they get cemented, then they are declared to be non-demolishable, and who ever trying o de-0molish them is kaafir/waajibulkatal type thing….forGod sake, change your attitudes!

    P.S…have u seen the pic in which some DANDA BARDAAR people were smashing a car of a passerby…to quench their anger! what u call this attitude????

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