People Still Missing – Culprit??

How Many Tears and Prayers would bring back my son?

With tears filling her eyes, an aged woman raises her hands in prayer for the return of her son who is among the many persons missing for the last several months.

This woman, Bilawal Jan, was not frail and gloomy since always. She was happy and loved to share her thoughts with family and acquaintances. But loosing her son mysteriously changed her. The disappearance occurred 5 years back – May 14, 2002 – a few months after 9/11 incident. And she remains silent since then.

Yet another protest was organized outside Parliament to awaken the memories of those who are still lost with no news back home. Bilawal Jan was also present with other mothers whose sons and dear ones have disappeared for years now but NO ONE (really?) knows where they are and importantly if they are ALIVE.

Everyone knows who took them … and on whose behest this drama is being played? But do we really care?? Or any of such protest would make any difference?? Parliament and Assemblies are full of so-called law-makers who know nothing about law … they are playing games to get hold of as many bucks, fooling many, benefitting themselves. And the games being played with the citizens?

Is their any end to this dilemma?? Or should we get used to it??

Can’t we run cases if people are convicted in our own courts ??why are we so LOYAL to handover all to the BIG DADDY??

Image Credits: Tanveer Shahzad – Dawn

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