38 Illegal Mosques in Middle Class, 10 in Elite Sectors

People living in the middle class areas of the capital city may fairly be termed as more mosque-goers thus practicing Muslims than those living in the posh areas, if one goes by the number of mosques in these are to gauge the piety of people living there.
Against 172 mosques, legal and illegal both located in middle class sectors, there are only 39 worship places in posh sectors. There are 38 illegal mosques constructed in middle class sectors and 10 in elite sectors. As the total number of mosques is over 273 constructed in urban areas of the capital territory, including that of Model Town, Humak, Margalla Town and other places, around 211 have been constructed in different sectors. The rest number of mosques (62) constructed in above said towns are again located in Middle and lower middle class areas.
Interestingly there are sectors like E-8 and E-11 having one mosque each. The only mosque built in sector E-11 where the police foundation is situated has been illegally constructed probably due to the reason that the foundation earmarked no space to construct the mosque, reveals a document obtained from the Interior Ministry.
Sector E-8, where there are naval establishments and the housing colony for naval officers, has only one mosque, according to the documents. F-11 follows these sectors with only 3 mosques to offer place for worship to the elite of the city. Sectors like F-7 and F-8 have equal number of mosques with each having nine worship places in their territorial jurisdiction. Two mosques each in these both sectors have been marked as illegal, the documents said.
There are as many as 12 mosques in sector F-6 with one of them declared illegal for its construction on the unauthorized land.
Sector I-8, again a posh area, seems to have relatively more mosques goers as suggest the number of worship places 13. Likewise, sector G-11 has 20 mosques.
But when one comes to the number of mosques constructed in middle class areas, they are far more in numbers when compared them with the elite class areas.
Sectors G-7 and G-9 housing majority of the lower middle class and middle class, tops the rest sectors with 61 mosques located there. The later G-9 tops with 31 mosques. Sector G-7 closely follows it with 30 mosques. Interestingly sector G-9 also tops in terms of the construction of illegal mosques that 11 in number. Whereas its “runner up” G-7 has five illegal mosques.
A sector G-6 has 19 mosques. Another middle class sector, G-8 houses 11 mosques. Interestingly there are sectors housing majority of lower middle class but can fairly be equated with the posh areas in terms of mosques-goers population.
For example, sector I-9 has the number equal to that of sector F-10 with 12 mosques. Its neighboring sector, I-10 has only 12 mosques. Other sectors like I-11 and H-8 have tow mosques each.

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