Silent Tunes

>Melodies I play …

Melodies I play …
Are silent to the world,
Yet they hem in music for me,
For the chords I use,
Are just mine,
Nonetheless the world
Doesn’t stop prying,
I choose the chords to suit my mood,
Again they nag about the tune,
The thing I don’t get,
Is what with all these complains?
When I make no one,
A part of my song

These profound words are written by Zoom Abbas. She’s a HR and Training Consultant, based in Islamabad. The Nutshell Forum is on its way to launch Zoom’s poetry collection “Silent Tunes” in March 2007 at Islamabad Club.

About her collection, Zoom said “When feelings gather the shape of your dreams, when emotions shape themselves to aims, verses are born and stanzas created. With or without a meaning depends on you. For if you can relate a poem to one of your experiences it becomes yours and you take away my verses from me.
“Sitting on the aisle of thoughts I make my poems touch reality yet stay in the vista of dreams. For I know when reality hits you hard, verses lose their sense. With my poems I just make a point to unveil those artificial moments of truth that have not only touched my life but yours as well may it be once in a while. And I gift ‘Silent Tunes’ to you all who believe in fate and take destiny as a promising reality and I hope without chaffing against the raw abrasions of life I bring back to you some of those cherished moments from the past you left far behind”, she added .

With thanks to Mansoor who introduced me to her words.

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  1. mansoor (unregistered) on February 26th, 2007 @ 10:24 am

    much welcome asma :)

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