F-9 park – a wonderland??

Fatima Jinnah Park's Plan

Much much had been planned and thought upon for Fatima Jinnah or F-9 or even capital park. It stands as a major must-visit place, almost on daily basis, for the joggers and walkers, and a long tranquil and serene pathway for couples and friends and families who just want to talk their hearts out while enjoying the soothing Isloo air.

Well, the serenity’s just got affected a bit by the McDonald’s but still overall effect’s just not very bad. The grounds, tracks, benches, lamps, and even washrooms are slowly shaping good, rather attractive.

According to a news report, CDA authorities’ mentioned that in just 6 month’s time, the plan is to complete at least one portion of the park, complete with landscaping, flowers and pottery pools, to greet regular visitors.

It’s a 230 million plan chalked out for THE park – with this much amount no doubt it can stand as a model for the rest of the country’s parks.

(BTW I wonder if they had something like Lahore’s Race Course in mind??)

Setting the tone for things to come are big machines developing 40 acres of land — about 80 percent of earthwork is already completed. The Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) had prepared the master plan of the 760 acre park, but renowned architect Nayyar Ali Dada later revised it.The development of the entire park, one of the CDA’s mega projects, is to cost Rs 5 billion and is due for completion by the fall of 2009. However, the focus now is on the E-9 Gate where work on the first phase has begun.

Developed on modern lines, the venue will have infrared and moisture detectors with automatic sprinklers, making it the first park in the country to have such facilities.

The first phase that is due to be completed three months before the given deadline of November this year will also have an amphitheatre, three pottery pools, walking and jogging tracks and an improved parking lot with a 450 car capacity. The CDA is also thinking of adding dancing fountains and has plans to utilise solar energy for the park to run on.

Talks are underway with the Alternate Energy Development Board and if everything works out, it will mean no running costs. There are also plans for lakes, another two amphitheatres, sunken lawns, a rock garden, kiosks and an artificial hillock as part of the park’s overall development.Respecting people’s privacy, a plan to install security cameras has now been dropped by the CDA.

**Let’s see how the PARK really TURNS OUT to be … keep your fingers crossed.**

Lahore’s Race Course Park strikes again in my mind***

PS: For STATS thanks to Daily Tmes ;-)

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  1. Talha (unregistered) on February 24th, 2007 @ 10:49 am

    Not to sound too pessimistic, but by any chance have you ever taken a peep at the initial plan of F-9 park, that still resides on the rock placed at the center lawn?

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