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An Account From Lahore

25-02-07_1353.jpgThis weekend I had a chance to visit Lahore for the Basant Festival. The experience it self was great as usual. Although my hands hurt by the cuts right now, still while you are in the game you totally forget what’s going on there on your fingures.

All of the euphoria went down the tube, when in today’s morning newspaper I read all about deaths due to basant. Most of them were children, who had nothing to do with the festival. Some of them fell prey to an anonymous bullet from nowhere, and the others died due to the string cuts on the neck.

I regret how the irresponsible behavior of a few causes such loss and agony to many.

Islamabad on ATP

A very interesting post by MQ on Islamabad here at All Things Pakistan.

Ciao – enjoy reading!!

New Assessment System

Students and teachers at Model School in Islamabad are finding it difficult to adjust to the new assessment system and examination schedule introduced for classes 1 to 8.
According to the schedule that aims to bring uniformity among the private and federal schools of the capital, the academic session will now end just before the summer vacations.
Although it might be good for students as they wouldn’t have any burden of homework during the vacations, it has affected their results of the first term and in some instances also the second.
A teacher said that they were not able to cover the syllabus and that too in a new way, also 60% of the assessment papers are now in objective form and the students have to memorize the whole chapters including the poetry of Hali and Iqbal.
A student pointed out that Multiple Choice Question made cheating easier, “Now we only have to tell each other the number instead of dictating the whole answer to a question”.
However, Rafiq Tahir, Director Colleges and Training at the Federal Education Directorate said that the new system Is running smoothly, we have not received any complaints from teacher or students.

Driver Beaten to Death After Accident

A young passenger van driver was brutally beaten to death by a group of aggressors at Aabpara Chowk after a road accident Sunday night.
Noor Khan, an eye witness told that an Alto car hit his Khyber from backside at Aabpara Chowk but three people riding the Alto started using abusive language against him. However, he called his nephew, Tariq Ejaz who was a driver of a passenger can of route-122 for re-consolidation and convinced them to solve the issue through dialogue.
During the conversation, the persons relating to the car driver, started beating Tariq causing his death on spot.
He alleged that the people nabbed all the three assailants but an ASI of Aabpara police helped them to escape.
My question :- Why is there no value of life in our country, the matter could have been solved by dialogue. The passenger van driver was there to talk and not to fight.
Why is there no tolerance especially when one is driving?

Security for Whom

We are Security Providers

After series of suicide bombings, the ccassional bomb blasts on the gas pipelne near and around Quetta, attack and murder of an MNA, killings, and what not – what’s gone in abundance in Islamabad.

Yes the security tightening – though I wonder if they can really hunt or catch soem suicide bomber but still we used to listen by some “Daana” that Prevention is better than cure.

So wherever you go – You’ll see police these days in abunance in Islamabad. With a Punjab Police bus a permanenet fixture on the chowk near demised Margalla Towers.

Who’s in danger here – and who’s is to be protected here – that question remains unanswered!

Metal Wire Cuts Throat of a Motorcyclist

The metal wire of a kite Friday cut throat of a motorcyclist and a teenager on Murree Road.
Farhat Abbas, an employee of a federal government school was on his way to his house when wire of a stray kite cuts his throat as he crossed Committee Chowk underpass. Abbas survived but got six stitches on his neck.
Another Teenager, also got bruises when wire touched his neck.
This is the first incident of cutting throat by metal wire in the city after Punjab government softened the ban on kite-flying.
I think the ban on Kite-flying should be permanent, because these people will never stop using that metal wire and our government is not able to stop those shopkeepers to sell that wire, and innocent people will suffer.

The Ban on alcohol

The MNA who dared to voice an opinion that no one from the government or from civil society has ever dared to, that the ban on alcohol should be lifted and what a courageous person he must be to bring down the wrath of those who pretend to be offended. People say it is this hypocritical behavior which is damaging the image of country, as it is well known that many legislators imbibe from the up that cheers !!

What do you guys think should the “BAN” on alcohol be lifted or not ???

Rock Climbing At Shadhara

24-02-07_1448.jpgA few of us friends went to climb a small wall in Shadra. The breeze was fabulous and the rock was perfect. The wall is one of the most popular ones. However, when you go climbing in the Margallas you need to be very careful about the texture of the rocks. Over all rocks are quite weak here and might break off. In case you are scouting a new wall just be sure you don’t do it alone, or if you do have ample support through rope. For those reckless adventurers out there who don’t care, heck go out and have fun.

Excellent way to stretch yourself up on a windy Sunday afternoon.

Educate Yourself… Somewhat…

The DAWN Group of Newspapers is holding its 4th Education Expo at the Jinnah Convention Centre in Islamabad, this weekend, i.e. February 24 – 25 2007.

Students and their elders in large numbers throng the exhibition on the first day, collecting brochures and other literature and freebies on different institutions. For some it was an exercise to alleviate certain boredom of sitting at home but there were a few concerned individuals worriedly walking along with their educational documents in hand wondering what option would be feasible for their future. Besides local institutions, varsities from the world over including the USA, UAE, Australia, Canada, and Ireland have set up stalls with one section of the exhibition devoted entirely to universities in the UK. The United States Education Foundation, British Council and the HEC also have stalls there to provide people with on the spot guidance regarding their queries.

What with the trend of so many young Pakistanis dreaming of going abroad, believing that they have a better future there, everybody wants in on the cash cow that is foreign education. So even if you have nothing to do, and all done with any education you might have wished for, visit simply for the sake of the spectacle that is there. It may serve to make you more ambitious and if you are a student looking for more options, this is the place to be. The expo will continue through Sunday, from 12 to 7pm.

Bald Islamabad!!

As we all know that now a days CDA is on the cutting edge… I mean to say that they are cutting the trees to pave the path for our big cars, increasing day by day. Yesterday I just cross the signal at blue area road, I was shocked to see that the green belt in between the road was also vanished, just because to widen the road. The green belt in front of Fatima Jinnah Park is removed. Half of the greenery is almost gone from the face of Islamabad. Now you can only see dust and pollution in Islamabad.

The plants planted on that green belt were all gone. Why on earth did they do that for? What CDA is up to? I asked my sister what our ministry of environment doing against this cruelty and she had no answers to give. It is a law that if plants and greenery has to be omitted because of city construction or what ever other reasons the same amount of trees has to be planted some other place before removing the existing ones. And that is what CDA forgot to do. I do not know if that really works and what would be the result but what ever it would be, it would not change what is happening now. By putting banners by CDA that “greener Islamabad” and join hands to plant trees” makes no difference. They did not care about the greenery when they were killing it and now when they are caught and are questioned by public they started this campaign to shut our mouths.

Now if we plant trees it will take them years to grow up and prevent our environment from pollution until than we are living in a barren city.

Half of Islamabad is almost got bald. It needs a greenery plantation. Who will do that is a question.

Do you have the answer?

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