A Nation Of Kings And King Kongs!

Parliment%20Lodges.jpgThe Capital Development Authority of Islamabad has called tenders for the construction of the “official residence for Honourable Speaker of the National Assembly”, which are to be received by March 13. The Speaker’s House, to be constructed in the Ministers’ Colony, F-5/2, Islamabad, is estimated to cost Rs 38.836 million, obviously excluding the price of the 3,000 square-yards it is to be built on. On completion, however, the building may cost the exchequer somewhere around Rs 50 million, if not more, taking into account ten percent annual escalation. It may be recalled that the government had initially accorded financial approval to an expenditure of Rs 34 million.

This huge amount is being spent on the construction of the palatial residence while the Honourable Speaker already lives in the one of the posh ministers’ houses, as did his predecessors. Ironically, this is happening in a country where a majority of the population still remains deprived of healthcare, clean water and other basic amenities, and at a time when the nation is faced with unemployment, poverty and rising prices of utilities and essential food items.

And not to forget this money is comming from the tax payer’s pocket. Or the enormous debt the country is already under, whose snare is around every Pakistani new born. But who cares, we are a nation of beggers and choose to be for times to come. However we sure do want to be treated as Kings.

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