Request to our President!

this letter has been sent to me, which impressed me alot and thought i should share it with you that there are people who are worried about the situation.

“I never thought that things could be so fragile to put the country morally at such peril in so short a time.

It is a petty matter at this stage to get into a debate of whether
the President was right or wrong in initiating the reference in the
mannerin which he did, whether he should be in uniform or without, whether the coterie of ministers around him are worth anything, whether ISI’s advice is always sound or not etc. etc.

What is more important is that the foundation of this country has been struck a hard blow and the situation needs to be salvaged.

I would urge the President to take another unbiased look at those who advise him and, for that matter, his own temper, whichever caused the current state of affairs. It is said that hindsight is 20/20.

I would also like to point out to the President that his countrymen and women are already thinking that this is a pre-meditated exercise to destabilise the country that he claims to have worked so hard to elevate.

I fervently request him to reconsider the whole situation with the vision of a leader of a nation, not a government or a single institution.

And while he reconsiders, he can also ask PTV to provide him General Yahya Khan’s last press conference before media. Please watch it. Alone and without any sycophants around. He will be able to see how things can get out of control.

Finally, the President may not agree with the assessment at this stage, but the silent majority that he speaks of so often is very, very upset.

And they will not be appeased or diverted by wins on the cricket

from: Noman Qadir

I totally agree with Mr. Noman our president should break the silence and comeup with a better solution that just throwing people out of the system.

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