Eid Milad un un Nabbi (saww) and Us

Yesterday was the Eid Milad un Nabbi saww celebrated across the country, with rallies in karachi and similar “charaghan” and fervor in Lahore too.

Islamabad can't stay behind too

So how can Capital stay behind – we celebrated the day with the same worthless chiraghan too.

Somehow I personally feel saddened by the way we express our happiness and frustrations. Instead of arranging rallies and repeating the same points again and again, synonymous to falling on deaf ears it is (not to forget they are more of political nature).

Can’t we bring a pleasingchange by promising ourselves to do a good deed, to present our honour, our love, our respect to Hadhrat Muhammad saww, not to abuse anyone for a day – One blessed day in our lives can bring a much better change to the society, we just have to take a step!!!

The huge amount of money spent on rallies that is, apart from political propoganda, is not effective at all and the lightening of buildings on such huge scale country-wide, this could have been spent on feeding few mouths, buying few life necessities for some, a positive thinking and the courage to take FIRST STEP is needed.

I wish that we become THE UMMAH, our beloved Prophet Hadhrat Muhammad SAWW be proud of -Ameen.

Image Courtesy: Shabbir Hussain of Daily Times

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