Islamic Revolution – Ready To Come??

The new “Tualebaat” and “Tualebaan” are all out in Cyber world too.

To see the Lal Masjid point of view, you can click Press releases,Columns , and Who We Are??.

The picture gallery is all NEW & Blinking with the firvolous images and slogans like:

Jameyaa’e Hafsa ki Ghayuur Talebaat – Dagmagana mut dattay rahna – Hum tumharay saath hain

Standing tall???

2-3 days back, Aabpara and Melody maarkets saw another event. As Dawn reports this:

Two religious seminaries, Jamia Faridia and Jamia Hafsa, are adamant to enforce “Shariat” in Islamabad and across the country and said they will announce their movement in the Lal Masjid on coming Friday. They warned the government of serious consequences if it tried to create hurdles in implementing the “Islamic law”.

“We will start our Islamic revolution in Islamabad on Friday by launching a crackdown on CDs, DVDs and other secular activities in the G-6 sector. The exercise will be extended to the NWFP and other areas at later stages. We have full support of madressahs in various cities,” Jamia Faridia and Jamia Hafsa in-charge Maulana Abdul Aziz told.

I couldn’t find a link to Dr. Shahid Masood’s 30th march and 1st april programs of “Meray Mutabiq”, where he interviewed Ghazi Rasheed of lal masjid fame, and the tualebaat of Jameya Hafsa. (if someone can it’ll be appreciated)

But I was truly truly got offended when the so-called students of Islam, Quran & Sunnah stated such foolish remarks as

1. In quran it is agar koi tumhari aik cheez ko nuqsaan pohnchayey tu tum usski saat cheezon ko nuqsaan pohnchayey Without any reference …!

2. Another one tried to defend their act as Islamic and shareyi’i by saying something like Hazur saww nay piyar aur muhabat kay saath hi makkah may 13 saal guzaray laikin phir jab woh madina aayay tu jangein lareen as in he had to raise sword and had to leave the piyaar aur muhabbat to spread Islam.

OH MY GOD – which Islam these people are talking about?? Which path, which shariyah and which sunnah are they following?? Where are we heading?? Is it our beloved Prophet Hadhrat Muhammad saww’s Islam??

Are we up for a Talebanization in Pakistan too – No it is certainly not Islamization …! The way is wrong and we need to mend it fast …!

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  1. Karachiite (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 1:06 pm

    These guys will end up like Bugti.

  2. Kamran (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 1:23 pm

    Everyone in Pakistan would be making a big mistake if they thought the current issue could be handled like Bugti!

    Wake up!

    Remember 1977??

  3. cubano (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 2:00 pm

    Once again I am thinking that I have more respect for the prostitutes in Pakistan than these Islamo-fascist tualebaat of Jameya Hafsa. It is clear from their desperation that their battle is already lost. When their words fail to win hearts they turn to sticks and stones to break bones. Pathetic…

  4. Mullah From Hell (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 3:21 pm

    Cubano: Ditto

  5. Web Designer (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 3:33 pm

    Its pathetic! Frustrated people!

  6. BoZz (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 3:45 pm

    A Jihad against the Jihadis…

  7. whatever (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 3:48 pm

    What kind of skew thinking is this? We are doing ourselves no good by letting these people hijack our religion. These blood thirstly dogmatists wont change their views, but they should atleast let other people live in peace.

    Vicious beasts they are!

  8. Fauzan Sohail (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 4:07 pm

    It’s sad…

    and I guess we all are partly to blame for bringing a faction of our society to this point. I’ll tell you how:

    When a friend of mine and his mother (a 50ish year old hijabi [not burqa clad mind you] lady) were poked on the streets close to Jinnah Super with sticks by these fanatic women and taunted about staying in the confines of her home all the time, all our dear/sane/moderate Pakistanis stood and watched from a distance as if it was some kind of a show! Not a very surprising practice of our nation is it? The reason you dont see a lot of such incidents in the news is because some people don’t want to become yet another sensational news for our gossip starved masses!

    We ALL are partly responsible for giving such people the breathing space to voice their brain-washing sermons to the limit that now they are neither afraid to take the law in their own hands nor do they hide the fact that they support Taliban in Afghanistan.

    Where were these jihadi men and women when we needed people to help with the Earthquake disaster?
    Why have they never come out against issues like inflation or rising prices for common necessities of life?
    When in the history of our religion has Islam NOT been preached or made to follow by setting an example of yoursef?

    What religion are these people trying to enforce?

  9. don carlos (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 5:20 pm


  10. don carlos (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 6:20 pm


  11. don carlos (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 6:55 pm

    molvee bachay baz

  12. faisal (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 7:06 pm

    In the Jamia Hafza Madrassa (religious school) in Pakistan’s capital, Islamabad, hundreds of girls are taking their exams.
    But although they are taught subjects like maths and geography, they are not tested on them. Their exams are only on matters relating to Islam.

    Many of the 2,000 girls here are draped in black from head to toe. Others cover their hair with brightly coloured scarves.

    International concern about madrassas breeding Islamic militants has quite naturally focussed on madrassas for boys.

    In any case, Islamic radicals have in the past objected to girls’ education. In Afghanistan, the Taleban banned girls from going to school.

    But now, some groups ideologically close to the brand of austere Islam preached by the Taleban appear to be changing their strategy. Islamic clerics in Pakistan are expanding the number of madrassas for girls.

    This is partly to counter criticism that they neglect girls’ education, partly to widen the influence of Islam in Pakistani society, and partly because the madrassas are very popular with some Pakistani parents.

    Change of thinking

    Gul Shaida, an earnest-looking young woman in black, who has been studying at the madrassa for five years, told me she enjoyed her studies.

    “I want to read and what I want I can find here,” she said. “After I graduate I want to teach all over the world and I want to tell the world what is Islam and what is Muslim.”

    Islam is enough. It is a complete code for modern life

    Abdul Rashid Ghazi, madrassa’s vice president
    The madrassa teachers claim the girls diplomas are equivalent to a master’s degree, and that they can go to other more secular institutions.

    In reality, very few girls get jobs outside the madrassa system. The hope of the clerics is that some of them will go back to their villages and set up madrassas there.

    The teachers were eager to show me the computer room. With five computers, they have one for every 400 girls.

    When I ask if they have access to the internet, the teachers laugh. “No, that is not possible for us,” says Binte Rafiq.

    “[We teach them] just only how to shut down the computer, and how to start it. Basic IT.”

    The teachers say they cannot afford more computers because the madrassa relies completely on private donations.

    But at the same time they showed me construction work to add extra rooms, so they can take in even more students.

    The teachers say much of the money they get comes from people who visit the madrassa, and are impressed by the work they’re doing.

    The madrassa’s vice president, Abdul Rashid Ghazi, says there has been a change of thinking among religious leaders about girls education.

    “We are told that we, religious people, are against women’s education. But we have proved that we are not.”

    Asked about the curriculum, he said, “Islam is enough. It is a complete code for modern life.”

    Changed views

    But women’s rights activist, Tahira Abdullah, argues that the madrassas’ aim is not to educate but to promote a narrow, intolerant world view.

    They’re not allowed to think for themselves, to question, they’re not allowed to reason. Their spirit of inquiry is stifled

    Tahira Abdullah, women’s rights activist
    “It stifles the spirit of inquiry, it stifles the powers of reasoning and logic,” she said.

    “Just like these girls look like ninja turtles – in that all encompassing veil, just like they look like that, their brains are like that. They’re atrophied. Totally rusted.

    “The IQ levels must be going down all the time if someone was to do tests on them. They’re not allowed to think for themselves, to question, they’re not allowed to reason. Their spirit of inquiry is stifled.”

    The Jamia Hafza Madrassa was raided by police in July as part of an operation to round up militants after the suicide bombings in London.

    At least one of the bombers had visited a madrassa in Pakistan a few months before the attacks.

    But after the raid, in which a pregnant woman was hurt, the authorities ended up apologising for “heavy-handed” behaviour by the police.

    Mr Ghazi says Pakistan’s madrassas are being unjustly targeted.

    “When these blasts took place in London, we condemned that,” he said.

    “But they immediately said that Pakistani madrassas are involved in that. It was just like that when the 9/11 attacks took place. We were the first ones here in Pakistan who condemned those attacks very forcefully.

    “But immediately after that we heard that the blame was put on the Muslims and so we changed our point of view.”

    And the clerics claim they have also changed their views about girls’ education.

    They seem to have concluded that what they teach a girl, she will teach her children. And many parents are keen to send their daughters to madrassas because they offer free lessons, food and lodging.

    Others, however, send their children there because they do not want them to lose their Islamic identity.

    For the girls learning to recite the Koran at the Jamia Hafza Madrassa, there seems little risk of that.

  13. mast man (unregistered) on April 3rd, 2007 @ 11:55 pm

    Some times I wonder Musharraf is a secret Zia ul Haq.

    Long live Musharraf ul Haq

  14. fauezaandadadddy (unregistered) on April 4th, 2007 @ 2:57 am

    Where were these jihadi men and women when we needed people to help with the Earthquake disaster?

    [[Rest of the Part MODERATED]]

  15. don (unregistered) on April 4th, 2007 @ 3:59 am

    wah kya zaban hai,waqai tum islam kay sahee alambardar ho Mr fauezaandadadddy

  16. Purple_Haze (unregistered) on April 4th, 2007 @ 7:03 am

    Where are the true Muslim leaders??? Why are they proving to be impotent against this attack from within? All MADrassas must be wiped out, the entire network needs to go. This is not possible without heavy military style operation. But it is important. Due to the CJP issue the Talibans & the Ninja girls know it is good time to make their point as the gov. cant afford another crisis.

    I am afraid that any sustainable solution requires major reforms such as separating the religion from the legal system (including hudood ordinance & other despicable mistakes) which will require a great leader with a clear vision. May Allah help us.

  17. dondadaddy (unregistered) on April 4th, 2007 @ 7:36 am

    oyee Don puttar toon fair aa giyaan ain?

  18. Neena (unregistered) on April 4th, 2007 @ 7:59 am

    If they are on a religious mission then how come they all hide thier faces as they wouldn’t when they perform Hajj or Umra.

  19. Pak_Stallion (unregistered) on April 4th, 2007 @ 9:44 am



    We are waiting for our Shaheens, let us clean our society from such extream elements.

  20. Fauzan (unregistered) on April 4th, 2007 @ 9:57 am

    fauezaandadadddy, I’d appreciate it if you would simply state facts or present your opinion the way civil people do. Sadly though, you are not doing good a job of defending your ‘kind’ of people (which I presume are those sitting in the madrassas under question) by raving like a rampaged lunatic… or perhaps your motives in the IMB are similar to theirs… to simply spread unnecessary chaos in the society :)

  21. JayJay (unregistered) on April 4th, 2007 @ 12:07 pm

    We need a Hama like operation that Hafiz El-Assad so successfully carried out in 1982 in Hama to wipe out the scourge of the Mullahs from Syria. You give them an inch they will take a mile. Mullahs and madrassas are a stigma on the name of Islam.

    We, as Pakis, have a choice, whether we want to be progressive country like Turkey or a hatchery of world terrorism like the Talenabic Pakistan. Take your pick. We cannot run with a hare and hunt with a hound.

  22. JayJay (unregistered) on April 4th, 2007 @ 12:24 pm

    While prostitutes sell their body, Talibas and Taliban sell Islam. The former do it out of compulsion and desparation to earn a livelihood, they latter indulge in thier trade to exploit others. I leave it to the reader to make a judgement which trade is better.

    Mullahs and their underlings take Islam as their “loandy” and treat it as such, without showing the due respect to it. As the author of this post has so aptly observed the Talibas have no hesitation in misquoting Koran or attributing wrong things to the scriptures to forward a Satanic agenda. Talibans have no qualms in misinterpreting verses and brandishing the scariest version of Islam with an impunity. They think supporting a unkempt growth on the chin or a black naqab is enough to give them a license to bend Islam according to their liking and parade and impose their cave mentality on all and sundry.

    Islam is not their personal fiefdom and Muslims are not their slaves. By imposition of Sharia, Mullahs aim to enslave the common person in the name of religion. It is simply a religious imperialism which they want impose on the gullible masses, pure and simple.

  23. Fauzan (unregistered) on April 4th, 2007 @ 1:30 pm

    “Take your pick. We cannot run with a hare and hunt with a hound.”

    I couldn’t have put it better JayJay :)

  24. Fauzan Sohail (unregistered) on April 5th, 2007 @ 9:58 am

    LOL. I got better things to do than discuss why your great grand dad’s greatest grand dad was labelled jahil my friend :)

    We know the ‘cult’ you support is simply a politically-motivated, mindless gang of frustrated mullahs and young people who just want some ‘fun and excitement’ in their lives… just like you :)

    Happy barking.

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