Vintage Ride

I’m a lover of things time rusts off whether they be trees, machines, cars or people … In islamabad every year the vintage car society organizes a Vintage Ride festival at F-9 park …

Wait a minute – This post is not about any classy vintage car as it sounds … it’s a totally different story.

Come to you courtesy Daily Times

Something that was printed in DT a few weeks back …

Vintage Ride

Weak engines, wobbly wheels, windows without levers, loose-fitted CNG cylinders that clank with every bump and loud irritating music are all part of a package that comes with hiring an old cab in Islamabad.

Usually most of the cabs are in quite deteriorating stae; nevertheless they’re better of than the Lahori Rickshaws ;) However, neither the drivers nor the traffic authorities seems to be concerned over there bad condition. Models as old as 1980s still ply the roads.

Despite their vehicles being rickety, the cabbies still charge high fares. They have been given a lenient hand by the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP), who do not appear to be doing enough to ensure public safety in this regard.

OK here I feel to contradict a bit coz some taxis are as old as late 60’s mazda et al :) Plus it’s the speeding LATEST MODELS you’ll see mostly causing the accidents and the ones involved in accidents … taxis are part of an accident because of driver’s folly … am i wrong??

ITP administrator Dr. Ttaimuri concedes that the ITP is lenient, given the shortage of public transport in Islamabad. “A committee comprising a Motor Vehicle Examiner and an official is in place to assess the road worthiness of vehicles,”.

The ITP regularly imparts training on traffic laws and safety to the cabbies, but it still seems a long way off from inculcating a sense of responsibility among the drivers. There are problems though – lack of education being one. “Most drivers are illiterate and have no sense of how important it is to keep their taxis in a good shape and the technical know-how that’s required of them,” says an ITP official. “We keep telling them that honking horns is indecent, yet they continue doing that,” he adds.

Fortunately, the arrival of the radio cabs in 2004 has provided an option to intending commuters. Although expensive, they are considered safer. .

Personally speaking, the condition’s not as bad as this article suggests … in fact after Nawaz sharif’s yellow cab scheme you can see lots of newer taxis around and even the fares they ask are much better and usually reasonable, if you compare them to the taxi or Rickshaw fares in lahore. Lastly, for god sake man, If you want to travel a distance of few kilometers say 3 KMs you’ll call aradio cab to charge a wealth, are you insane???

Life is all about remembering the classics … isn’t it?? Enjoy the ride … yu’ll be telling this to the next hi-fi generation :)

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  1. CrazyMonkey (unregistered) on May 9th, 2007 @ 10:23 pm

    Actually, I found the taxis of islamabad far better than the ones in Lahore. Here the taxis are cheaper, cleaner, and the drivers are more well mannered. They won’t argue with you at the end of the journey to get a little extra out of your pocket, and they will always ask for permission to smoke when you’re sitting next to him in the front seat. The islamabadi drivers seem more cultured and knowledgeable about their city than the ones in Lahore.

    The rickshaws of Lahore shouldn’t be compared to anything. They are unique and would remain unique. If anyone hasn’t gone for a rickshaw ride in Lahore in the depths of old Lahore, the urdu bazaar, around Data Sahib’s or in and out of the Shah-Alami Market, then he/she hasn’t experienced the true joys of living in that city then :-) The recent steps taken by Mr. Elahi to promote the ‘green rickshaw’ are good, and it makes the rickshaw look better and better. So more power to you rakshawallah!

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