12th May Hype & Load Management

Since last monday, all Pakistan is hyped up with the strategic LOAD MANAGEMENT *plans to shut off the markets at 8 PM sharp, 5 days down since the idea was to be implemented and still all is ON. Even the shop owners are right, in summers everyone prefer to go for shopping in evenings and specially if you are a 9 to 6 employee, before 8 PM markets are usually a big NO NO.

So our government thought to show us what LOAD MANAGEMENTis. Government or PML (Q) since they’re constantly saying despite all this that the 12th may rally is purely on PML (Q)’s budget ..! So the new plan includes a public rally to be addressed by our very own general saahib in front of the Presidency.

Shamiyana's all UP

The preparations are in full bloom for last two three days (read: troubling awaaam)

For some illuminations (aka shahar diiya’a batiyaan) follow up with the post :>

Humara piyara shahar

Energy conservation would give way to political energy as the Parade Ground in front of the seats of power here would be all lit up for the public rally.

Today (Friday afternoon) when I went for a stroll towards Presidency, it was all crowded with people tying banners to poles in the whole F-5, G-5 area with slogans as

Kaun karay ga mulk ki rakhwalii
Parvez Illahi Pervez Illahi

Even I passed by one or two boys memorizing their speeches … Hufe container were placed here and there, maybe to make the stage for His Highness. I Took a few photos too but at the moment I don’t feel like downloading them Enjoy the rally Islamabad … 12th May is all yours !!!

*= Load management is the new name of Load shedding (in case you’re not aware)

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