Plight Of The Business Community In the Capital

ISBNights.jpgUnannounced load shedding is going on in the Capital these days. In addition to that, shops in the F, and G sectors remain open after government’s 8 PM closing deadline. In the latest round up Islamabad’s citizens and traders have rejected the government’s decision to close all shops in the capital at 8 pm.

Islamabad Chamber of Commerce has declared that shops did not consume as much electricity as government and multinational companies. That numerous people visited shops after 8pm and the decision would adversely affect the traders’ business, adding that if the government was so eager to conserve power, then it should close offices two hours earlier than usual.

Most people do not realize that in Islamabad the electricity cirses is just the beginning of things. There might be a bigger crises looming around the corner, and that is the water crises. During summers last years how can we living Islamabad forget the acute water shortage that brought people on the streets for protests.

So without electricity and water in summers, I am not sure how would the government be able substantiate all the projects of growth and development in the economy when there is a catastrophy looming right under the big noses of the houses of power. And with the “load” increasing each day in the form of new construction, buildings, houses, and population explosion, all we need is a better “load management” to make all problems vanish right?

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  1. Jim Kahn1 (unregistered) on May 23rd, 2007 @ 3:23 am

    suggest u all claim asylum in new zealand

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