The Makings Of An Encroached Workshop Market

Make_Shift_Workshop.jpgMost people show their concern about encroachments but do not know how they are usually bred, born, and grown. They do not fall out of sky all of sudden on one fine sunny morning, but rather grow organically. And the perpetual lack luster attitude of CDA to do anything about it, also provides ample opportunities for these businesses on illegal land to thrive and prosper.

So here is how it normally goes : First a few people set up a small shack on a prime location, that is seemingly deserted. Then rest follow suit. Authorities, they never care in the beginning, but once the situation gets out of hand, they suddenly raid them. However till then the situation is way beyond point of recovery as the shopkeepers either coerce them through bribes, or simple are resilient enough not to leave the place.

Cars_Being_Repaired.jpgBut that’s not all. The root cause lies else where. For example, consider the slums of Islamabad. Two of the most popular ones are smack in the middle of F-6 and F-7. These people settled in Islamabad during 1980’s from far fetched villages of “Ghakhar”. The place where we now have the F-7 slum used to be a lush green park, with twin beautiful little ridges. Now all you can see there is a thriving population of people whose multi story houses have been built on public land.

Slum_Of_F-7.jpg1980’s was a long way back. Now the families have multiplied by hundreds and the space is inadequate for them. You can see hundreds of fresh battalions of men and kids roaming around on the streets of F-7. Most need to find a job. So some have opted to build mechanic workshops on green belts opposite to the markaz. The green belt opposite to F-7 Police station on the banks of a drain (which used be to a fresh water spring in the old days) is seen occupied by these adhok mechanics in make shift workshops. Right now they are just three of them. But if authorities do not take notice, I am sure they are going to multiply like rabbits. And in a few years time you will have a whole new auto workshop market smack right in front of Kitchen Cuisine.

Had this all been taken care of, way back in the 80’s things would not have aggravated to this point. But who cares. And we should also not forget, that when you have a situation of high percentage of a youth population who have not been engaged positively, wandering around aimlessly without a direction is the only way to go for them.

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  1. JayJay (unregistered) on June 11th, 2007 @ 9:41 am

    The encroachments in F-6 and F-7 are a result of poverty and out of economic compulsion — better than the forced occupation of public land in religion’s name smack in the middle of the heart of the city and then to show unashamed temerity to inflict extremist zeal on the common man.

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