POLL: Lal Masjid Combat

Poll Results:

Total votes cast (to the moment): 552

Opinions & Percentages:

Yes, I was waiting for a quick action. 22.5 %
No, they should have tried to do professional negotioations. 21.4 %
I thought it has to be done fast but now I’m not sure if it was justified. 9.4 %
Govt. went crazy.18.3 %
Lal masjid clerics deserved this. 28.3 %
We can’t kill our own people like this. 31.0 %

Though, You can see the results yourself … but officially they’ll be announced on Sunday.

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  1. Phil (unregistered) on July 12th, 2007 @ 4:36 pm

    Great Poll!

  2. Badar Khushnood (unregistered) on July 12th, 2007 @ 4:57 pm

    There should be more options in the poll including following:

    – Are you concerned why the Govt did not take some actions much earlier like shutting down electricity, etc?

    – Before judging who was right or wrong, I need to know why did the government not know of so much arms being stock piled in the heart of Pakistan?

    – If the government could install bugging devices inside judges compounds and houses, why couldn’t they do that at Lal Masjid for so many months & years?

    – Did the government hush-up the ‘actual’ Lal Masjid demands by doing this action? Lal Masjid may have used wrong tactics but who will reply to their genuine demands of an ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’? Is that buried together with Maulana Abdul Rashid?

    – etc., etc.

  3. MOHAMMED RIAZ (unregistered) on July 12th, 2007 @ 8:45 pm


  4. waqar (unregistered) on July 12th, 2007 @ 8:47 pm

    professional negotiations were working and both parties were about to make a deal but the fathers and grandfathers of ISI and Musharraf sahib from Pentagon didn’t like the idea of the much-awaited deal between two muslim-pakistani groups i.e. lal masjid and Army. So you should also cater/make-up some option in the answers for this fact.

  5. Sajid (unregistered) on July 12th, 2007 @ 9:16 pm

    @ Badar Khushnood

    To answer your question
    “Pakistan’s longest ruling military dictator, General Zia-ul-Haq, as well as subsequent ISI officials had very close relationships with Maulana Abdullah, the former head of the mosque, who had a long history of fanning sectarianism. During the Soviet war in Afghanistan (1979-1989) the mosque played a major role in recruiting and training jihadis to fight with the Afghan mujahideen.[2]

    After Abdullah was assassinated in the 1990s, his sons Abdul Aaziz Ghazi and Abdul Rashid Ghazi took over the mosque, making it a centre for hardline Sunni Deobandi teaching and openly opposing the government.”

    ISI and Army is the one who is supporting and providing arms to extremist organisations, either it be religious or political organizations. Then use it for its own reasons.

  6. michael (unregistered) on July 12th, 2007 @ 10:46 pm

    I wish there were options that let me express my point of view

    – Yes, military action was justified
    (with no judgement about it being ‘sudden’ and with no zeal on my part about wanting a ‘quick’ military response).

    – I suspect more effort could have been put into negotiations by both parties and a peaceful resolution could have been found. I wonder if either side was negotiating in good faith. Once the initial waves of students had surrendered, perhaps the govnt was buying time for military planning, and perhaps the militants were taking advantage of the media attention.

  7. tif (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 1:00 am

    ITS ABOUT TIME SOMEBODY STEPPED DOWN ON THESE FAKE MAULANAS, I seriously dont understand one thing why are all these Maulvis so narrow minded, I mean we are about to go through our 60th independence this August, and our country is still hanging somewhere between the two cliffs of an “Agro based economy” and a “slightly better Agro based economy” country, and all these mullas can think about is to how to bring Islam by “SHEER FORCE” and how can they assassinate General Pervaiz Musharraf, they are not even the slightest worried about the fact that how on earth is the country going to start developing faster and stop begging for financial aid from foreign countries.
    I mean this is totally absurd and childish of us. As for the Lal Masjid incident, I think the govt gave them enough time to think over it, and to be honest the government should not negotiate with terrorism in the first place! YOU CANNOT JUSTIFY THE KILLING OF INNOCENT PEOPLE AND THEN RUN AWAY AND HIDE LIKE MOUSE IN THE MOSQUE AND AFTER THAT TRY TO RUN AWAY LIKE BLOODY COWARD IN A WOMANS BURQA, this is really embarrassing for us, I think Musharraf should go on ruling over this country of 164,741,924 Jutts(Source: https://www.cia.gov/library/publications/the-world-factbook/print/pk.html)
    I think Musharraf has a vision, and he can bring some good to this country which Bhutto once tried to do!

  8. sumaiyya (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 1:49 am

    @ TIF
    “I think Musharraf has a vision, and he can bring some good to this country which Bhutto once tried to do!”

    what a nice combination of dictator and an elected democratic leader! (sarcastic smile)

  9. HASSAN' (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 2:06 am


    ur given is not working.

  10. BJP (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 5:47 am

    Oh Pakistan! Beware of us Hindustanis.

    Beware. You are no match for us. If you can’t battle a bunch of Mullas … you are surely nearing your end.

    We will march to Lahore.

  11. Kami (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 8:08 am

    @BJP it will be an exercise in futility, why march to lahore when you can get a bus, unless you like to walk.

    This sounds familiar “BEWARE OF HINDUSTANIS”, where I have seen it, oh I remembered, there was a plate hanging on the main gate of my uncles house, he was very fond of Dogs and had quit a few.

  12. amin polani (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 9:39 am

    nice one kami

  13. amin polani (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 9:46 am

    these result if you add different option look uptil now in favour of the goverment.option 1 ,3 and 5 add up to more than 50% of the votes but the total percentage is more than hundred (why??)

  14. michael (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 9:51 am

    @Hassan: Huh? I don’t understand your comment directed to me. “My given is not working.”?

  15. GenreX (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 12:40 pm

    Occupants of Lal Masjid were not Muslims and were not Pakistanis. How can someone call these fanatics Muslims when all they preach is violence and terrorism? What was the purpose of weapons inside a mosque? Sorry but the whole argument about negotiations and “own people” is wrong. They were terrorists and they were not Muslim Pakistanis. Same operation should be done on all masjids and madrassas who teach violence. These Mullahs totally deserve this and if possible should be given more gruesome deaths to make them an example. I think the operation should have been done loooong ago. Govt. should not wait for other mullas to rise up…. I say… hack em’!

  16. d0ct0r (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 1:10 pm

    those who voted for “No, They should have tried to do professional negotiation” and “Govt went crazy” and “we can’t kill our own people”
    are saying more of less the same thing i.e. that operation was wrong and things could have been settled more wisely through talks.. instead of killing 285+ people..

  17. d0ct0r (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 1:14 pm

    *more or less the same thing*

  18. Sameer (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 1:20 pm

    @ GenreX

    I appreciate that you got an authority to judge people that they are muslim or not

  19. d0ct0r (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 1:25 pm

    @amin polani every one had a choice of voting for atleast 2 options.. that could be reason its adding up to be more then 100%

  20. DB9 (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 1:32 pm

    Listen u confused people, they were NOT our own people, OK. They were freaking terrorists. Total threat to Pakistan & Pakistaniat. Our way of life, which is not Talibanism. Anyone who will turn into a terrorist cannot be considered one of us.

    Religion MUST NEVER interfere with the state, Gov, and law. Wake-up people choose your direction. Here are the options:

    1) Economic Advancement, Education, Integrity and Prosperity.
    2) Lets kill all non-mulims, do fake Jihad, and burn movies like “Free Willy” cause they are un-Islamic (due to a naked Wale, i guess) and then blow ourselves up and go to hell.

    Make-up your mind and stick to it, damit.

  21. Sameer (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 2:00 pm

    what are the true value of islam?

  22. d0ct0r (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 2:53 pm

    @DB9 lets get real for a second.. every one knows that army and agencies armed these people.. amercian masters don’t want them to interfere in Afghanistan so our dictator is taking actions to appease his masters.. while same militants are encouraged,armed and supported to infiltrate into India.. our military leadership loves double crossing international community..

  23. simply sane (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 3:57 pm

    It is important to understand that you have to abide by the laws of the country you live in and if you want to take matters in your own hands then its called breaking the law and is considered a crime by all civilized nations. Also guns and arms in the hands of preachers does not portray a very nice picture and percieved as extremism and terrorism by most. Also Pakistanis are having a hard time everywhere right now as almost every terrorst activity somehow relates to Pakistan. it is shamefull and horrible. We should mind our own business and concerntrate on making this nation more knowldgable, humble , tolerant and succfull in fields other than terrorism and extremism. And some should stop the media when they try to paint a very innocent picture of these milatants and the women who I beleive are equally to be blamed. I have seen many interviews of these women in TV and they still hold the opinion that they they want to have a jehad against the goverment and they want to be called shaheed. I am sorry but i have no sympathies for these women, infect they should all be sent to a mental institute for life. Howmany times have you seen a priest with a gun or a suicide attack simply because his goverment thinks that the construction of the church is not legal. We take islam in the wrong way and that should stop. Also it is important to understand that everyone who wears a beard is not an alim. We need to put books and technology in the hands of our children so that they can keep up with the world; not guns and suicide techniques.. i hope that pakistan can find a way to discourage extremism. It is being believed and perhaps rightly so that if you want to have a state within state then it can be termed as treason and when you have an army of armed men who are keeping other people hostage then in a situation like this an operation like this is justified.
    The media here is playing a very irresponsible role and turning these people into heros and innocents…. It is media;s and every paksitani;s duty to safeguard the interest of this country. I donot believe that Media should be as free as it is here in this country. Anyways these are my views and i just wanted to air them. The purpose is not to start a debate or prove anyone wrong here.
    Also it does not matter who armed them. It was their own choice to pick them up…. so the argument that they were armed by military or whoever does not hold any importance. We have all seen how they used hostages and combated with the army. We have all seen how more than 8 soldiers were killed and i have not seen a single mail in the favour of these soldiers who for a small salary and a with heart full of patriotism get killed in the line of duty.that is quite shameful and ignorant.

  24. Boby (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 4:55 pm

    Infact, the real wisdom is that you win a victory without firing even a single bullet.

    Don’t be surprised. History is full of such events.

    Have you ever seen a war that was won, but no one was killed, no weapon was used??? Look at the Conquest of Makkah by the Holy Prophet( Peace be Upon Him ).

    Have you ever seen a gun in the hands of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah. Never!! But he liberated Pakistan.

    Do you know how the Trojan War was won by the Greeks? The nine year long war could not be won by weapons. It was only the wisdom that made Greeks win the war against Troy. Remember the Trojan horse!!!

    You know how Russian defeated the Germans in the World War. They didn’t fight, just retreated and left no useful thing or food behind for the Germans. The snowfall of the winter gave the final blow to the Germans who reached Russia, but had nothing to eat.


    The Issue of the Lal Masjid could be resolved without using violent assault.

    All people including Ulema were of the view that the way adopted by the Ghazi brothers was not correct. The Govt. didn’t use this favorable condition to tackle the situation positively. Media propaganda could be effectively used.

    Holy Prophet ( Peace Be upon Him. ) always took consultation on the important matters of state. President Musharref should have consulted the whole nation through media about taking the sold steps to resolve the problem. I hope, not all, but some of the suggestions could give better way out to solve the problem.

    –If Abdul Aziz Ghazi was wise enough to come out in BURKHA to escape, why could Govt. not send his SSG commandos in BURKHA to capture the Ghazi brothers in Lal Masjid????

    –Govt. could prolong the siege for so long that ultimately the people of Lal Masjid would have had given up the struggle. If they had food enough for one month, I don’t think, this food could keep them healthy in this rainy season.

    Despite that fact, the attitude of Ghazi brothers was not right, Govt.’s act of storming the mosque will cast deep effects on the later history of Pakistan.

    — the chapter of alliance of army and religious Ulemas for “jihad” will be closed.

    ( The American Sponsored Afghan Jihad against former USSR is over now, with the disintegration of the USSR about two decades ago.

    So the slogan of “jihad” using the religious element ought to be ended, ( when you cannot implement Islam in the country. ) otherwise, there will be more weapons in the hand of religious elements and you may expect dozens of Lal Masjids in the future in your country.

    I think whatever has been happened, it is the need of the hour President Govt. should restore his image before Ulemas. Our country cannot afford a civil war. Our country can progress if there is peace in it. May Allah keep this country in safe hand! Amin.

  25. Imran (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 7:23 pm

    Bush admin grilled over support for Musharraf

    13 July 2007

    WASHINGTON – US President George W. Bush’s administration came under intense grilling in Congress Thursday over its unconditional support for Pakistan leader Pervez Musharraf.

    Just days after the military strongman ordered troops into an Islamabad mosque to flush out Islamic militants in a daring assault that left 86 people dead, lawmakers doubted his ability to take strong action to reign in the problem and called for a reevaluation of US policy towards Pakistan.

    They accused him of thwarting democracy, turning a blind eye towards the growing ranks of the Taleban and Al Qaeda militant groups and lacking the ability or will to crack down on terrorist training camps in his country.

    A lawmaker cited reports which he said confidently spoke of Osama bin Laden hiding in a training camp near the Pakistan-Afghan border, not far from Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province and a base of support for the Red Mosque stormed into by military commandos this week.

    “Yet somehow President Musharraf has not been able to find it,” remarked Christopher Shays, a ranking lawmaker from Bush’s Republican party.

    “How de we in Congress justify to the American people writing checks for billions of dollars to a regime that may not be the partner against terrorism the US needs it to be, but may actually be hurting national security interests of the United States and our allies,” he asked at a Congressional hearing.

    “Our support cannot be conditional,” Shays told the hearing, where US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher, the Bush administration’s pointman on Pakistan policy, was pounded with questions.

    There is a “growing chorus” calling for a significant reevaluation of US policy toward Pakistan, said Democratic lawmaker John Tierney, head of a House of Representatives panel on national security and foreign affairs.

    He accused Musharraf of extending only “tepid” cooperation in controlling extremism and disrupting terror networks.

    “The Red Mosque is merely a stark symbol of a deeper and more pervasive problem in Pakistan, where there are far more jihadists, extremist madrassas, Al Qaeda operatives, Taleban safe havens and international terrorist camps than Pakistani government officials are willing to admit,” he said.

    Boucher replied that Musharraf was striving to turn Pakistan into a modern, open, prosperous, democratic state and a moderate voice in the Islamic world and that it was “strongly in the US national interest that Pakistan succeeds in realizing this vision.”

    He said despite the charges levelled against Musharraf’s administration on the fight against extremism, “its contribution has been significant.”

    There are 85,000 Pakistan security forces stationed on the rough terrain of the Afghanistan border region while more than 450 of them have died in support of anti-terror efforts, Boucher said.

    Even though there were parts of Pakistan where the government did not hold away, he said Islamabad had in recent months arrested many militant leaders.

    Democratic lawmaker Jim Cooper accused Boucher of “putting a positive spin” on US-Pakistan ties.

    “I am still trying to decide whether you are being moderate and fair or just making excuses,” Cooper said.

    “I’m trying to look at the whole picture,” Boucher shot back.

    Cooper said Pakistan could be harbouring not only Bin Laden but other internationally wanted senior Al Qaeda and Taleban leaders.

    “Is it an open invitation — a Motel Six (big US motel chain) for terrorists where they can

  26. d0ct0r (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 10:57 pm

    americans would never be satified.. more the dictator try to appease his masters more they’ll expect him to do and still whine about it…

  27. Sajid (unregistered) on July 13th, 2007 @ 11:27 pm

    “President Musharaf”? What are u guys talking about?
    He is Army chief who got the power through the coup and this kind of guy is called Dictator.
    How in the world any Pakistani say or write that he is the president of Pakistan.
    By doing so you are insulting the constitution of Pakistan.
    If he is the “President ” of Pakistan then Lal Masjid students are “Law enforcing agency” of Pakistan.
    “Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right but Three Rights Do Make a Left”

  28. Boby (unregistered) on July 14th, 2007 @ 11:38 am

    Actually, I meant to say Present Govt, rather than President Govt. A typo!!!!!

  29. michael (unregistered) on July 14th, 2007 @ 1:13 pm

    @Hassan – Ah, I suppose you mean that Archangel Michael has sleeping on the job these last few years.

  30. Boby (unregistered) on July 16th, 2007 @ 10:40 am

    I suggest that Govt. should not take such measures that may create everlasting hatred in the heart of common people for the army.

    –Matter of Ulemas and Madarasshs is different from that of Waziristan.
    So both matters should be dealt with in different ways.

    — the Govt. ought to restore the Peace Plan with Tribes of Waziristan at any cost.

    They are already fighting against NATO forces. It will not be big thing for them, if Pakistan army wage a war against them. This time, they will not take Pakistan army as “Muslim army”. The Govt. ought to resolve the matter with negotiations.
    The tribal men are habitual of fighting, fighting and fighting. So the army ought not to waste their energies, resources and prestige.

    — This is not a right time to start a campaign against Ulema and Medarssah.
    Govt. may face violent reaction from religious elements and even from common people. The opposition parties will also use it in their own favour by adding fuel to fire against the Govt. It will not a foresight to make a new “Waziristan” in Punjab and Sindh.

    — The Govt. ought to send more army to Sindh and Balochistan to aid the flood stricken people. They really need the army help.

    — Musharruf Govt. should not leave such legacy behind, like other military rulers, that the whole nation will suffer forever.

  31. jk (unregistered) on July 17th, 2007 @ 11:20 am

    This poll is silly, inaccurate and ambiguous.

    The PERCENTAGES don’t even add too 100%. What is this silliness?

    There should have been a YES, NO and MAYBE option.

    The worst is the “Govt. went crazy”. What is that there for? It has nothing to do with the question “was the govt. justified”.

    This adds ambiguity. This poll is worthless and tells us nothing. Please fix it.

  32. Aamir Ali (unregistered) on July 25th, 2007 @ 2:00 am

    The result of six months of negotiations and agreement was kidnapping of Chinese women and murder of 2 Pakistan Rangers.

    Some evil people only understand force. The Lal Masjid Brigade was given shows six months of patience and given 9 days to surrender. They wanted to fight, so I am glad the Army gave them one and now the LM fanatics are dead.

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