GEO Super’s football league kicks off!

What more could a football fan in Pakistan for. A televised local league. A daring investment by GEO Super who look to revive, or so to say revitalize the near dead sport of football in Pakistan.

league-11.jpgGEO Super was launched in September 2006 to primarily show live boxing and cricket matches on their channel. With the Cricket World Cup coming, they had their fans glue to GEO Super through out spring.

This is the same league we talked about a few weeks ago.

In their opening ceremony and press conference, the project directors outlined the ambitions and desires behind the Super Football League (SFL). With them were Minister of Sports, and heads from Pakistan Football Federation (PFF). All the parties showed a desire to take the league to utmost international level along the lines of Spanish Primiera Liga, English Premier League and the Italian Serie A.

While the league does not have a web presence at all, you can find on the GEO TV’s web site a mention of the event and beginning of the league matches on 20th July. This is what they had to say,

Besides Lahore and Karachi, the country’s top teams Islamabad United, Quetta Zorawar and Peshawar FC Tribe are featuring in the double league competition.

The basic objective of conducting the championship was to raise the overall standard of the game across the country. Entry into the stadium will be free, the organizers said.

Program of the league:

20 July Karachi v Lahore.
21 July Peshawar v Islamabad.
26 July Quetta v Peshawar.
27 July Islamabad v Karachi.
28 July Peshawar v Lahore.
2 August Karachi v Quetta.
3 August Islamabad v Peshawar.
4 August Lahore v Quetta.
9 August Quetta v Islamabad.
10 August Peshawar v Karachi.
11 August Islamabad v Lahore.
16 August Lahore v Peshawar.
17 August Karachi v Islamabad.
18 August Quetta v Lahore.
23 August Karachi v Peshawar.
24 August Lahore v Islamabad.
25 August Quetta v Karachi.
30 August Islamabad v Quetta.
31 August Lahore v Karachi.
1 September Peshawar v Quetta.
6-7 September Semifinals.
9 September Final.

All matches will start at 9.00pm.

The cities that appear first in a fixture are the home teams, and the ones following them in a fixture are the away team.

Since I will be bucking the Islamabad team, I have highlighted the 8 matches Islamabad team will have over the course of next 2 months. Many of my friends are from Lahore, and I will be anticipating those matches with Lahore like any derby match!

Today’s match, Karachi vs Lahore was a slight preview of what was on offer. But as other matches are held one then can one have a better idea of the talent pool in Pakistan. Today, Karachi won 1-0 to Lahore. As said in the Press Release, the entry to the stadiums is free!

Read the complete post on my blog for my views on the match, the cheerleaders and the match setup!

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  1. A for [pine]apple (unregistered) on July 21st, 2007 @ 3:28 am

    par is may woh “kaka” tu nahi hogga :-(

  2. Ahmed (unregistered) on July 21st, 2007 @ 3:52 am

    if chacha cricket is not busy we can ask him to be chacha football

  3. Ammar (unregistered) on July 24th, 2007 @ 3:25 am

    Hey! guys wat abt Muhammad Esa(ST) and Jaffer Khan(GK). will they represent for their cities in tht league? as they are really good plyrs in Pak national team. plz tell me if they r plyng… thnx

  4. Faizal (unregistered) on July 28th, 2007 @ 4:53 pm

    I am british born and living in england. i think this is great development for the pakistani people and pakistan football.In england we 92 league teams which are all professional players.If my small country england can get 92 league teams im sure pakistan can got twice the much. Premier league is the best league in world and the most hardest league to win in the world. Pakistan should aim for that. They need to target youngesters at the ages of 12-16. The are the future of pakistan and every country in world.

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