promitional stickers for upcoming elections!

Promotional stickers for the upcoming elections labeled on the walls of houses, street boards and cars serve as a blot over the city’s beauty.

With the preparations to take out promotional rallies the candidates hired agents from different localities who label such promotional stickers all around the city, which they paste where ever they please. Thist annoys the civilians, whose cars and houses become a mobile promotion center.

The residents seemed quite frustrated as there is no such control over it by the Government authorities. The car’s windscreens are all covered with these stickers which create hindrance in driver’s view. The agents with the fear of being caught by the owners during day time, they work at late night. The houses which are on main roads or are in important areas are deprived of their beauty with these stickers. It is so difficult to remove them as they have been pasted firmly.

Due to the absence of any law against such activities, the street boards are all covered up with stickers causing difficulty in finding an address for a newcomer.

Capital Development Authority (CDA) should fine these agents for pasting the stickers everywhere. Certain hoardings should be allocated in main areas for candidate’s promotion.

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