Finally I caught a thief!

I had already been deprived of my cell phone and wallet once before and this time I did not want it to happen it again.

Today at 11 am I was suppose to go to an award ceremony held by Ministry of Youth affairs. I was in a hurry and hurried to my car. I take the car out if the drive way and stepped out to close the gate, as I returned back my bag was gone from the car.

The moment I was taking my car outside, a garbage picker was standing near by my house, suddenly my sixth sense shook my head and I realized that it must be him as no one else was in the street. I had already been deprived of my cell phone and wallet once before and this time I did not want it to happen it again. So relying on my guts I tried to trace the kid by driving my car through the streets. I searched two streets but no sign of him I did not loose hope and drive through another street, alongside a park I saw him walking normally with his garbage bag on his shoulder. I raced the accelerator and followed him as I was about to get close to him a motorcyclist came ahead of me from a street and I had to honk the horn. Meanwhile the kid heard the noise and look back, soon as he noticed me he started running in different streets.

I was following him in my car and it seemed to be impossible for me to catch him as he was heading towards a narrow street where my car could not enter. He was running a meter away from me when he turned right and ran towards a small bridge over a nallah. I stopped my car and chased him on foot. Thanks to God that two guys were coming from the opposite direction and I screamed to them to stop that kid he is a thief. One of the guys stopped him and crabbed him from his arm.

The moment I came close to him I slapped him as hard as I could with all the strength I had in me and after two three slaps I searched his garbage back and find my bag in there. He knew it’s a bad day for him so he started begging me for forgiveness and doing awkward things like kissing my feet. I pushed him away from me and called police helpline 15. He got more scared and stat pleading for his release. (At that moment I had a de ja vu that once I did something bad for the first time and my Mother did not forgive me because she thought that if she forgive me for the first time I will start making excuses to get her forgiveness next time so its better to stop the evil right there). The police officer tells me that the men are on their way.

The kid was quite trained as I was grabbing him from his shirt he tried to take off his shirt and tried to run away. Thanks to the guy, who helped me caught him, grabbed his fist and pushed him down. That man and I took him to our car and drive back to my home, where I called the police. After waiting for 15 minutes in burning heat police finally arrived and take him to Margalah Police Station F-8. They asked me to come to the station to file a case. My brother and I went to the police station and filed the case gave my car’s number, from which the kid stole my bag, my name and contact number.

I came back home changed and went to where I was suppose to be. While driving I felt a great pain in my right hand and realized it’s the result of beating that kid. It shows that when one is in anger he/she could take shit out of someone no matter how weak he/she is. Anger gives you the power but I regret beating him I should not have done that. What was the use but I got furious. Now hopefully police catch the real culprits who taught him such tactics.

Now the case investigator will call me if he needed further assistance in this case as it is not just about that kid but there is a whole gang behind him who trained them how to steel and run away but they did not know that people who have already been a victim know how get their things back. I am relived now but my job does not end here as I have to keep an eye on the investigation as you never know if he belongs to a big gang and they might bribe the police to get their kid out.

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  1. Ghalia Aymen (unregistered) on August 17th, 2007 @ 6:26 pm

    Why should I remove those lines? I write what really happened and what I felt at that moment. Like you, there are other readers who do not want me to step back, so whom should I listen to?

    I have tried to convince my readers in any possible way I could. Now that you are demanding too much! Sorry I cannot be of any help.

    Your mind is just stuck to that slapping thing. You do not want to move ahead and see other issue in the post.

    You are a great man but I am not so please pardon me:)

  2. aijaz (unregistered) on August 17th, 2007 @ 8:32 pm

    or you so democratic or is there any other reason that you count people and then do something :O

    try analyzing what you have done and do whatever comes in your mind then.

    Have you heard that ‘main apnai alfaz wapas leta hoon’, removing the stuff would only mean that nothing else.

  3. Neena (unregistered) on August 18th, 2007 @ 1:02 am

    I’m wondering, what does Lal Mosque had to do with a young offender :-?

    Ghalia, thanks for the update.

  4. Neena (unregistered) on August 18th, 2007 @ 1:05 am

    I’m wondering, what does Lal Mosque had to do with a young offender :-? Straying off the topic doesn’t solve the real problem.

    Ghalia, thanks for the update.

  5. aijaz (unregistered) on August 18th, 2007 @ 6:17 pm

    the boy also had a red shirt

    do you get it now?

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