Sehri Delights -Badaam waala Dhoodh

Fasts in Islamabad stretch on a duration of almost 1 hours … though today teh weather turned really good after rains and night is chilly … with sun blazing in days; nourished Sehri is a must.

Most of us drink a few cups of tea and coffee, to stir our minds up, for the day … forgetting MILK intake as we grow up. So just to address the nourishment needs of our body … why don’t you try Almonds in Milk or Badaam Waala Dhoodh in sehri tomorrow?? Almonds are good in zillions of ways for your mind and body … adding milk to it brighten the scene …!

Though making Almonds in Milk is not difficult or complex at all but still providing you with a good recipe :-)

Hope you’ll try and enjoy it … and may it leave your day even more aspiring, useful and rejuvenated :-)

Soak almonds overnight. In the morning, peel them and roughly grind or chop them.


Almonds: 200 grams
Milk: 3 cups
Sugar: 2 Tablespoons (or as per taste)
Saffron: 2 strands (if available)

1. Soak almonds in plenty of water over night. In the morning, peel off the skin.

2. Grind almonds using a grinder or hand grinder … add half cup warm milk to it gradually.

3. In a pan, put the almond paste, remaining milk, and sugar. Bring to a boil. Turn town heat to slow simmer. Add saffron strands to it and and cook for about 10 minutes. The milk will thicken because of almonds and the reduction in milk through evaporation. The reduced milk gives it a creamy texture.

Will Serve: 2 Persons
Nutritious Value: Plenty

Happy sahri and the delights of it for a meaningful day ahead …!

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