Emergency Situation in Visuals

Sun sets … leaving the nation in dark!!!

Sharing the rampant images that can be found at various places online. Through these what message is been delivered to the outside world, I’m wary of that. Pakistan’s Emergency Situation is creating doubts from all fronts, coup, martial law, ousting of important personnel, threat to national security, US and EU’s pressure …. a common Pakistani is thinking hard. How about the ruling class?? Chair, Power, Money is all they are after, eh?? Lust game is going and the nation is suffering.

All Pakistani channels, except for the deary Pakistan Television, are taken off-air. So, people like you and me are left to search for live streams and blogs around, urgh.

Where the President COAS lives.

Without news channels (read: any Pakistani channels), newspapers becoming ultimate source for common Pakistani (we’re privileged :-))

Reading Thoughts:

Dr. Adil Najam came up with a thorough Chronological Meltdown of Pakistan’s Political Scene.

PM Shaukat Aziz hints about Delays in Elections.

BBC Urdu Comes up with an interesting Visual Time line of Musharraf’s Rule.

Long Live ________ ((Cant say what))!!

Images Courtesy: BBC and Daily Times

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  1. PERVEZ MUSHARAF (unregistered) on November 6th, 2007 @ 3:04 am

    I lost in Kargil and Army lost its confience in its self forever. I destroyed parliment in 1999 and now I destroyed the justice system o Pakistan.I am the most intelliget,Loyal and brave leader in history of Pakistan.Koi Shak.

    NOBODY CAN REPLACE ME.KYANI APNA HEE BANDA HAY.I am a permanant COAS.Afterall there are life long chairpersons in other political partie.Army is the most successful political party.We have ruled for more years than anyone else so we have the right to have life long COAS/president/leader,.koi shak.
    Today lawyers & journalists were given a lesson on human rights.Civil society will get their turn very soon.Please dont get impatient.
    Emergency was vital for democracy.Oh my countrymen.You donot deserve the same level of democracy and rights as humans.Look at me .I am your leader.Can you be humans.

  2. Mohammad Akram (unregistered) on November 6th, 2007 @ 8:51 am


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    SAVE YOUR HOME: I saw one dream 4 moths ago but I don’t tell my all dream only major point is Pakistan is our home and there is two doors were open by our inside enemies one door in East and second one is in North, some internal violations storm will come and popup the point where come from and Pakistan community will consider the East door use the big and dangerous enemies but real enemies will arrive from North door side when enemies will reach at the door some one close the North door from inside Pakistan and he will save the all community life’s, both doors are this time Indian and Afghan borders India is in East side and Afghan in North side of Pakistan…..An other dream I saw the big storm will come into Pakistan but Karachi will most effected and this storm will come in early morning time after Fajar prayer and no buddy care each others every one asking help but no one listen and all public running with out any destinations….Please pray with pure hearts and leave the tombs for pray just follow Mohammad Rasool Allah S.A.W. PBUH rules and Quran and start the fasting if you are pure Momin other wise storm is close to every one and you will be filter….This is real dajjal time and its going to more worst be careful you don’t know who is right or who is wrong no one is perfect this time, Rasool Allah S.A.W. PBUH already said that in the neer last days of earth that person who sitting will better then standing person and standing person will better then running person this Hadith means no one perfect that time and will looks like they are perfect peoples but they are not they are perfect from each others but they are not Momins they will look like Momins but they are not Momins….Leave the tombs for prayer that is the biggest shirk today facing humanity you called Wali Allah they diverted the peoples from real Islam into new religions they diverted from them into 73 sects and peoples they pray on that tombs that is the biggest shirk today’s, leave those tombs.

  3. Junaid (unregistered) on November 6th, 2007 @ 10:10 am

    Watch as it Unveils live:


    GEO TV telecast live video.

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