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Allama Iqbal Day

As a son of a world renowned poet, Mr. Islamabad found it uniquely surprising that the whole country of Pakistan observes Allama Iqbal Day, As he has never experienced anything like it before, he did try to research as to any events taking place, as far as poetry readings go. As he is not networked into that loop of “Uncles” Mr. Islamabad decided to head out on the town to celebrate a friends recent passing of an MBA exam to enter a reputable local university (still not sure how that works, in the US I took GMAT)….. None The less we were off to Gelato, which found a mix small crowd, a table of 2 speaking Arabic, a table of 4 that looked super bored, and ohhh boy was the DJ playing some great beats! The Chocolate Brownie with ice cream was to die for, Mr. Islamabad usually sticks to his Low Carbohydrate, High Protein Diet, but this of course was a reason to celebrate. A few of the regulars were spotted, and a table of 6 young professional male co-workers.

Then we were off to Ye Ole’ Hangout, a classic on any night of the week, here we found the regulars enjoying dinner and sheesha, Right as we ere ready to leave, The Cricket match was put on, and we decided to watch the remaining 30 minutes of the match, what a great win for Pakistan! Mr. Islamabad isn’t even much of a cricket fan, give me some good ole basketball, and American football, 7 nights of the week, and I’ll say it is tooo little.

As the title of this post may have deceived you… I mean, only slightly… I thought I’d at least share this link…. read all about a man whose influence is still present today, in our society.

Posted by on November 9, 2007.

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