POLL: Islamabad, Crises & 2007

2007 has been an eventful year, which would not go down unnoticed in the annals of the capital’s history. This poll is about having opinions on what our readers think was the biggest crises faced by Islamabad in 2007

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  1. Hasan Mubarakj (unregistered) on January 5th, 2008 @ 3:05 pm

    I wasn’t surprised to see a 100% vote agreement over the Lal Masjid crisis… Wish such an event is never repeated.

  2. (unregistered) on January 5th, 2008 @ 5:10 pm

    The present Christian are paganish

    The present Christian they called it self Christians actually they are not Issa Allah Salaam believers they are Rome peoples who they adopted Christian name but still they are in Pagan religion (Christian name also not come from Issa belivers) and Pagan religion they believes two gods and they believes Christmas trees (they believe these trees has some kind of spiritual strength to fight with evils and they alive for ever) and santa, Hallowing etc… all date and calenders came from Pagans and also 25th December is not Issa Allah Salaam (They called Jesus) birth day ( This date Pagan god date) actually Issa Allah Salaam born in summer time Quran has this evidence when Merriam Allah Salaam (Mary) gave the birth (Sura Al-Imran-3) that was hot day time and there was fruits on the tree for eat and river water for drink so these present Christian religion is actually pagan and also I believe the present calendar is not belongs to Issa A.S, what was the reasons those Romans converted Christianity actually that was roman king converted but they fear from his peoples so they adopt both religions and emerged togathered, that time pure Issa A.S believers need the strength against Jews and they accepted this offer of Roman King and they populated several wrong hadith in Islam as a falls Muslims which is we are facing today’s.

  3. RE (unregistered) on January 6th, 2008 @ 3:52 am

    Pakistani people its all in your hands read this article.

  4. RE (unregistered) on January 6th, 2008 @ 6:16 am

    Pakistan is filled with talented and smart people but they don’t go in politics. Majority of Political leaders belongs to incredibly rich and wealthy corporate business families, their objective is to enhance and increase their wealth by plundering Pakistan. They pay Government official to increase their wealth, They pay media to write news in their favor. they could do it because they have means to do it. Neither PPP or nawaz tried to protect property and lives of people of Pakistan rather they contributed to its destruction.

    There in conspiracy against Pakistan to strip Pakistan of its nuclear arsenal. They know it they can not defeat Pakistan militarily but they could destabilize Pakistan internally.

    1. create sentiments against Government of Pakistan doesn’t matter if it is Musharraf or somebody else.
    2. Create hatred against Pakistan Armed Forces.
    3. Destroy Pakistan economy by let lose criminal and arsonist by looting and burning.
    4. Let lose Pakistan political parties Create a Civil war situation in Pakistan.
    5. Declare Pakistan a unstable country via UN and strip Pakistan off it s nuclear arsenal.. PPP playing right in their hands and trying to involve UN.
    6. Turn Pakistan into a beggar country by limiting its income and use masses for their own benefits..

  5. (unregistered) on January 6th, 2008 @ 9:18 am

    Allah will send one person who will stop all crises which coming from east region of Pakistan inshaAllah.

  6. Talha (unregistered) on January 7th, 2008 @ 6:22 pm

    Ms. Bhutto assassination was never a crisis directly faced by Islamabad anyways, we might be twins, but not siamese!!!

  7. Talha (unregistered) on January 7th, 2008 @ 6:22 pm

    Ms. Bhutto assassination was never a crisis directly faced by Islamabad anyways, we might be twins, but not totally siamese!!!

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