no candidate fit for my vote!

That seem’s to be the dominant answer to the question “why wont you vote”. However, it brings up an interesting question. Who is the candidate?

From the previous discussion we’ve had on why wont you vote, it appears the ‘candidate’ is the leader on top of each political party. However, i ask you this. Who *is* the actual candidate? The leader on top might go ahead to be Prime Minister and make decisions for the functioning of this country, but s/he is not determined by you. They do not represent you, they do not even know you exist for the large part, and they are not the ones asking for your vote.

You vote for your local candidate. The one who’ll be representing your constituency, the one who’ll be fighting for or against laws which directly affect the people in their area, so that they can get another term. They will have an agenda, which i agree largely follows the party agenda which is nothing currently but ‘continue the policies set forth by the previous government’ in most cases, but still, there’s is a more localized one. Your local candidate is the one who ‘should’ care about you, should care about getting your vote and should care about getting your voice heard in the assembly. They will not do it, unless you make them realize that your vote is not free, and they’ll have to work towards it.

To all the readers, i put forth this one question, which constituency do you belong to? And who are your candidates?

This post in part of a series of posts to understand the current apathy our visitors feel towards elections and democracy.

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  1. Rizwan Elahi (unregistered) on January 23rd, 2008 @ 10:39 am


    I am in shock to see many Pakistanis in Pakistan that has been blinded with the hate of Musharraf. Who is taking advantage of that ? Enemies of Pakistan and once again enemies of Pakistan. Many blogs worldwide are taken over by enemies of Pakistan and all they are doing is spreading hate among people of our nation. Go to this link p?boardId=89338&forward=true&func=3&filterRead=fal se&filterHidden=true&filterUnhidden=false and see how this Pakistani community board is taken over by extremist Hindu’s. Note many of the posts by Pakistan’s on this board are under ( re: ) meaning they have only responds but original posts are deleted. And guess what many Pakistanis and even our media playing into their hands. So sad. all because of hate of one person. GEO has been prime example how they have fooled Pakistani people. They are fox of Pakistan. As Fox hates everyone but Bush in USA. But GEO loves everyone including enemy but they hate Musharraf.
    Now tell me Is Musharraf fellow Pakistani?
    Is Musharraf well educated ?
    Is Musharraf well discipline?
    Did Musharraf fought wars for Pakistan?
    Why do we hate him so much? What are our other options?
    Then what makes corrupt politicians better than him. Why hate a fellow Pakistani. Yes many things went bad in Pakistan lately and rules are broken but for the interest of Pakistan one has to lead and we need a leader who stands tough. If you all think all what is happening in Pakistan is done by Musharraf then you are dead wrong. Its the hate towards him is causing all the recent issues. This hate has blinded people like Nawaz Sharif along with many people and some Media of Pakistan.60 years of mess can not be fixed over night. Give Musharraf a chance to build the strong foundation for Pakistan. Trust him as he said, “He puts Pakistan first.” Say what you want to say and do what you want to do but keep the interest of Pakistan in your mind.

    It’s actually blind too, but just in different ways. Love will make us forget the fault of a person. Hate will make us create faults that aren’t there.
    Hate is. Rather, people can be blinded by hate because hate distorts.
    Hate sees the minutest thing and blows it out of proportion.
    Now you all tell me what do you all think, “Can hate see?”

  2. Atof (unregistered) on January 23rd, 2008 @ 1:30 pm

    Well, i agree 101% with your title .. NO candidate fit for my vote! … partly because i dont consider any of them worthy enuf to make decisions on our behalf (btw, that is seldom the case, most decisions are for tem, and their profits only :( ), and partly because i dont think that any of them has it in them to stand for our country’s cause. Be it in front of uncle sam, or any other. All decisions are for them and them only, and the “awam” are just pesky little kids who need some money to shut their mouths…

    Whatever the case, NO CANDIDATE FIT FOR MY VOTE…

  3. Phil (unregistered) on January 23rd, 2008 @ 3:12 pm

    LOL @ ATOF! Lets keep the comments rolling…

    I am too of the same thought, ‘no candidate fit for my vote.’ Uff, what a farce! -_-

  4. Memorial Power (unregistered) on January 23rd, 2008 @ 9:21 pm

    I dont know if he is doing good or not. But I know he is doing much better then couple of Elected rulers I trust him :)

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