Elections: Party Leaders VS Candidates

I started out about a month ago to determine why people would not vote. A lot of very interesting reasons came up, including the regular ‘im not represented’ to the more surprising ‘imran khan isnt running, so i wont vote’.

However, one concept which stood out was ‘voting for party’ vs ‘voting for candidates’. Much of the discussion on the posts were revolving around party and the ultimate party leaders. The actual candidates, the people who would be representing you the voter, were all but ignored.

The candidates are the people who would be responsible for raising your voice to the provincial and national assemblies and making sure your needs are taken care of. But will they actually raise your voice if they have no responsibility to you?

I urge you all to find out who are your local candidates (no longer a problem since doc is making it all public) and find out
who would best represent you. Next, go out and actually cast a vote!

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  1. political Blog (unregistered) on February 15th, 2008 @ 6:26 pm

    You are right but voting Means Forgetting CJP and Lawyer Who stand Up against Dictator, Isnt it?

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