Law Application?


Helmet in Hands, eh?

And just the other day, I heard a traffic constable saying to a biker: “Tumhay helmet pahna kar hi chorrooon ga may” :-)

May the day come when we start caring about ourselves too !!

Image Courtesy: Daily Times

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  1. kabirdas on April 5th, 2008 @ 1:47 am

    Who will police the police ? That was a question that was debated vigrously during the golden era of greece when a kind of democratic dispensation was taking roots. The answer was ultimately found in rule of law which also meant uniform application of law. During Roman period the chief judge was known as ‘dictator’. No body could question his judgement. The present use of word ‘dictator’ derives from that.
    Modern democracies evolved over many centuries to get to their presnt state. To establish the rule of law many people sacrifised their lives. The classic example of which is Sir Thomas More who some 400 years ago in England refused to invoke doctrine of necessity to grant King Henry the 8th permission to divorce his wife to marry another to produce an heir for the throne of England. Sir Thomas More was executed for not breaking the law of the land for the king.
    We still seem to be living in that age. The head of stat himself breaks the law of the land first to come into power and then again to further perpetuate his rule. If he does that how can then one expect the others to follow the law. That is how the rot starts in various aspects of our lives. A law could be good or bad. That is a different matter altogether. Once laid down its application must be uniform; for rich and poor; for mighty or meek.
    These policemen in the picture feel themselves above the law just like their selfproclaimed president feels himself above the law. They may feel justified riding three on one motorbike helmet in hand under the doctrine of some necessity.
    Breaking of law starting from top has been the norm in Pakistan almost since its inception. It is for the first time that some one has stood up to say: No, enough is enough. We have had enough. Let there be rule of law in this country if this country is to survive. There will be no more application of doctrine of necessity or doctrine of expediency to condone the violation of law unless provisions for such doctrine are incorporated in the constitution of the country.
    Now we have our own Sir Thomas More in the from of our CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry. He has put his job and neck on line for rule of law. We have to support him to the hilt to save him from the fate that befell Sir Thomas More. If any one has to go this time it has to be the reincarnation of king Henry the 8th in the form our self proclaimed president.

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