Labor’s Day: Mazdoor, Kids & Us

Like every 1st May, posts are made and news pieces are written all over the globe to share the care we have for the labor class.

Regardless of the fact that do we pay any heed to their needs or the simple fact they are all-human-just-like-us on other 364 days of the year; the picture below can cause anyone to feel instantly en grief for the poor kid who’s working when he’s still a youngling. But in today’s soaring dearness what more to expect?? Be it an adult or a kid … both have to work hard to earn a few bucks only. That hardly helps in meeting the two ends.

I read a few articles today and ‘am for many days crying out about CHILD LABOR at large. The situation seems similar to those earthquake days when, oblivious of the difficult terrain of Kashmir, western media was saying Pakistani army is not just trying hard.


Child labor is an issue that needs to be healed deep. When their are mouths to fed, they dont care about age. And for that matter should they be?? With milk, oil, flour, meat, chicken, eggs, vegetables, rice … all out of one’s reach … you can do two things. Either Steal/Beg or Earn. And they are earning.

What do you think?? Will we be able to eradicate this … will we ever be prosperous enough to give books in these beautiful lil’ hands. About knowledge, they are gaining it though the hard way.

As for US, we are enjoying yet another off-day … sad it doesn’t collide in with the weekend.

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  1. wkhang on May 1st, 2008 @ 11:10 pm

    Everyone of us have to do extra work in todays world, but why ??
    It was not in need in old time, lets say ten years back or so, we all have to do over time, double jobs, tutions or side business.

    I think we all are aware of this but cant stop STOP it. Because we all need to go with the FLOW and this flow is:

    * We all need furnished houses,
    * We all required a car to enjoy,
    * We all need new cloths everyday,
    * We all need extra cash in our banks,
    * We all need to enjoy every evening out side lets say PARTY,
    * We all new jewelry ornaments, makeup, perfumes,
    * We all need new mobile phones, if we does not have a latest one than its mean you are backword,
    * We all have to eat good food every day, good food means (burger families),
    * We all need a cable in hour home, DVD players, CD players, Ipods, all young people required laptops for fashion or work,
    * Boys have to have atleat two to three females friends to talk whole night, one for pocket money, one for real LOVE huh!, one for time pass, same with females,
    * As we are part of new modern life in ISB or Karachi, Lahore, we have to attend concerts or parties if not than people will STAMP you that you are backword or SICK,

    * If they have new model car, why not us ????
    * If they can have party on last Sunday why not us ???
    * If we attend the party than we have to give party some other day, even each perosn try to give,

    If one of us starts five time prays people will STAMP him/her that oh he is MOLVY, he cant join us, door raho is say, A gia lecture denay, etc etc.

    I think we all need to JUST THINK only for one minute, why we have to do all this ?
    We did not need in the past, WHY WHY ???

    I tell you why our kids have to do jobs, we cant pay our electric, Gas, Telephone bills, Tax etc, or Three time meals, If we spend our lives on Islamic Rules than no our kids dont have to work they will go to school just like other kids.


    Thats how all things BALANCE.


  2. crazymonkey on May 2nd, 2008 @ 1:01 pm

    If the parents aren’t educated, then you can’t expect their children to do good.

  3. hin33 on May 2nd, 2008 @ 6:05 pm

    wkhang: your emotions are understandable.. Today we are doing 10 times more than what our parents used to… and we are still running short of money every now then .. there is no peace in our lives.. this thought comes across my mind about daily that i need a peaceful week long sleep without having to do anything.. days weeks pass by like quick moments do.. the ‘chakki’ should I call it… thats dragging us round and round and round doesn’t seem to take a break.. All this for what? I ask my sel f often ,, why so much struggle and running.. And I wonder if the cave men who lived on the least of basic necessisties had more peace of mind than what we have today..

  4. hin33 on May 2nd, 2008 @ 6:13 pm

    Aforpineapple: You place a question in the end and ,,, i don’t know if I have the answer…

    just a little shift in the laws and constitution.. like if you hire a minor, you will be fined. Or you will have to pay the minor as much as you would pay an adult and let them attend night school… A night school that is free and provides food also along with free books.. I know I dream elephantine..

  5. A for [pine]Apple (asmamirza) on May 6th, 2008 @ 3:57 pm

    WKhang Woooh … thats a long list. All in all … agree to a few points and disagree to a few … in few words the world and us have gone materialistic. No matter how hard we try its the norm of NOW … we cant break free easily.

    Crazymonkey Just being educated never do the trick. Its the zeal too. And further, to educate ALL parents we’ll need to take step from some point. So it may be a Variable factor, huh?

    Hin33 Probably thats what you think … our parents struggled too. And I’m sure the poor cavemen had their own troubles … which may feel not much significant NOW … they’d have been mighty to them.

    ANd we are very much responsible for the drag and loop in our lives too … this age is full of activities, no? :) Ahh , we the humans …!

    Remember the simple rule of "Survival of the fittest" that stays true in every age.

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