Impeach him.. what a great idea

loadshedding, inflationary food prices, petrol out of reach and a growing poverty line thats sending people to suicide – these are obviously far less important than what our “great leaders” Nawaz,Zardari have got planned.
Lo and behold they have (after months of meetings and more meetings …) decided to go for a half-baked impeachment plan.
Unfortunately, we have to watch these clowns play political games while the country is diving into dangerous waters.
Firstly, I dont believe impeaching him will get rid of him and it definately won’t mean justice for all those people who have suffered by his evil policies which have brought us to this weak position the country is in.
Today I heard how all Punjabi students have left/are leaving universities in Quetta for sheer fear that they might be killed. It was Mush that said “we will hit them and they wont even know where it will come from… ” or some dribble like that when talking about AkbarBugti and his clan. Well who is paying for brash statements like that – us. Our Pakistan needs major band aid and a unifying call from the current leadership… instead they want to play politics while the vast majority are not interested and dont have the basic needs met.
I want to see real justice done to Musharaf not some weak half-baked impeachment charges which he will manage to squirm out of.

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  1. furquanatique on August 8th, 2008 @ 4:06 am

    I agree fully, politics has kicked basic human rights straight out the window. I don’t understand why politicians fear running a fair and stable country with a booming economy? Do they lose their rights? No! Do they lose money? No, they actually will make more if they help the economy rather than go around blaming "dictators" for mistakes that they (the politicians) are responsible for.

    Our politicians have the influence and the money to help create jobs, bolster the economy etc etc. But, they’d rather spend their money on taking trips to luxurious destinations around the world. Phooey…

  2. furquanatique on August 8th, 2008 @ 4:17 am

    I also believe Musharraf has improved (certain) economic areas of Pakistan if not all. He will NOT go, EVER. He has international support, he has influence, he has the army, he has the budget, he has the ISI, he has the media (by the neck). He rules Pakistan now, and NOTHING can change that, I don’t know why people keep complaining about his leadership when they KNOW he will step down if and ONLY if, he every passes away. Every improvement in the country can be attributed to his doings. Every disaster, social or otherwise is because the Politicians of Pakistan blame him, and set tyres on fire, blow bombs up in places, kill innocent civilians (who are driven into protests by these foul b*****ds). Musharraf is NOT responsible for inflation, the WORLD is, because increasing fuel prices have INCREASED shipment rates and thus prices of the products themselves. The depreciation in the Pakistani Rupee, is because of the failing US economy. The destruction of the infrastructure of Pakistan is for sure because everyone, including the president has failed to WORK towards maintaining it, as the budget is now pushed into the hands of top military officers, why? because we need to protect ourselves from India.

    The only way out is to fire all our politicians, and start over. Because our current politicians will do ANYTHING, including destroying lives and making Prez Musharraf look bad, to gain the higher seat in the parliament, and abuse the system of Pakistan. Open your eyes everyone, your pointing fingers in the WRONG direction! :/

  3. kaami on August 8th, 2008 @ 8:00 am

    This nation will forever remain a nation of hypocrats, whiners and opportunists, There is no place in it for straight talking go getters who have the guts to strive for change and take responsibility for their actions. Surely, all such individuals are controversial and make mistakes but wise and grateful nations treat them with respect and give them the credit they deserve.

    Mr. majad here has mentioned Bugti, who was not part of the mainstream Baloach Nationalist Movement, essentially was a black mailer. His mootto give me money and forget Balochistan. Now people are cricising one man who said enough of this blackmail, lets develop Balochistan and work for the greater good of the people…..but in this nation of ……. that was a mistake.

    Now the people have choosen proven thiefs and looters as their saviours and the educated folks in the media, (who by the way owe their very existence to one man) arte hell bent upon pushing this country to an endless pit, I see no hope. You talk about Punjabi students fleeing Balochistan, thats an old story, the alarming news is the flight of the capital and talent from the country, which came here due to the efforts and policies of one man after the bankruptsy of 1999 …… After Musharraf, the next target will be the Bank heads and that will be the end
    I see no hope in a nation being plundered by theifs.

  4. sajjad on August 8th, 2008 @ 1:25 pm

    We humans have very short term memories. Anybody who would have remembered the good old days of the politicians and previous dictators would realize how much progress was made during Musharraf’s reign.

    Terrorism has increased? I must disagree to an extent. The current situation is quite terrible, but is it any worse than the long period of killings when the average body count from Karachi alone used to be a few dozen people a day? Sectarian killings, abductions, explosions, corruption and a disturbing crime rate. Besides economic problems, these were the norm in the years leading up to October 1999.

    There was no way an average, honest, hard-working Pakistani could ever hope to match wages paid in even neighbouring countries or get out of the vicious poverty cycle. Yet during the last decade or so, I have seen this happen to many bright and capable people who prospered entirely due to their hard work.

    We should be thankful that until now, we enjoyed a higher standard of living than some of our neighbours. This wasn’t just coincidence but the result of the policies of the last decade which the politicians are now scrambling to undo. Go ahead. Impeach the president and let the plunder continue.

  5. MB (kar_munib) on August 15th, 2008 @ 6:19 pm

    Its 2008 and i say it openly……..

    there are two people who are the obstacle in PAKISTANs progress


    2. THE MULLAHs

    get them tamed and we are on journey to progress

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