The Convent Model United Nations Part II and III

So here is day two of the Convent MUN, the part where the “Actual” thing starts so to speak. I went in at 9 am because that is when the committee sessions were supposed to start. There were a total of five committees in all which were

1) DISEC ( Disarmament International Security)
2) UNHCR( The United Nations High Commissioner for refugees)
3) MEMS( The Middle East Multi-lateral summit)
4) WTO( World Trade Organization)
5) UNSC( United Nations Security Council)

Initially I planned to sit in all committees one by one to get a gist of all of them but then it turned out that it wasn’t really possible for me to do so I just went inside the DISEC committee. In every committee there needs to be a chair and the chair for this very committee was Zain Khan. Profiles of all committee chairs will be put up on the last day by yours truly but for now let’s discuss the sessions. My first impression, a bunch of enthusiastic kids with a vision to change the world gathered together in one room to talk about topics that effect mankind in general. The reason I’m writing part II and III together is that I wanted a complete roundup of the committee session so I waited a day for my view to be completed so to speak. The voting was done, and the topic chosen to be discussed was the “Blood Diamonds in West Africa” now I may seem dumb here, but before this I didn’t know that blood diamonds were an actual problem (yes, like most of you I knew it as the Hollywood flick too). So not only was I enlightened I thoroughly enjoyed the debate as well. Problems were linked together, blood diamonds, Rebels, Child soldiers, trafficking, and terrorism and so on and so forth. I was very impressed by the way a few of the delegates spoke. Diplomacy is like I mentioned in part I, one of the key areas that the delegates are judged on and if you ask me, all of them have the gift of being VERY good diplomats. Speakers spoke about their country stance, moderated caucuses were raised, un-moderated caucuses were raised to make allies, working papers and discuss the whole situation at hand

What caught my attention was also the fact that most of them looked like they had done their homework. Iman Hazir, the delegate of Afghanistan in my opinion show cased amazing knowledge regarding the history of blood diamonds, the effect of their export etc. Other notable delegates that stood out in my opinion were the delegates from The United Kingdom, Russia, Iraq, South Africa and Israel. But my pick of the day was the delegate from Bangladesh. So I decided to do a little profile on her because In my opinion she deserves to be commended.

So meet Aaminah Reshi. She is a student at BMI i.e the Beaconhouse Margalla campus. She has taken part in a number of MUN’s before so she is no newbie. I asked her a bunch of silly questions just to get her opinion on a number of things. She thought that the DISEC committee sessions were active and lively but the level of debate lacked quite a bit. She also thought that the chicken crossed the road because it wanted to and that if she were to be the president of Pakistan for a day she would ban all alcohol. I also asked her what she would do if marijuana was say, legal? And she said that “this is just absurd”. She likes to listen to music, read and write and in her opinion, her chances at the Best Delegate shield are high because she thinks she did well. When asked to give any last messages, she said ” Honesty is NOT the best policy it is the ONLY policy”

Kudos to Miss Aaminah, I hope she does win an award.

The committee sessions were followed by social events. The first event was the Bonfire, my band Sketch was to play at the bonfire. I would SPECIALLY like to mention here that the whole social events team worked REAL hard to get the event together. Decor, the stage, lights, the food. Zainab Zakeer did an AWESOME job in getting the team together. A profile on her will also follow come the last day. The sound messed up, so we had to cut the performance short, but people seemed like they were having fun. Since I was playing, I have no pictures of the bonfire but as soon as I get hold of them I will upload. There were dances, challenges made, charpais broken (courtesy me ofcourse) and some dirty dancing was done as well which proved to be a source of concern for the administration.

Enter day 3, I went in a little late so I just got to see an “entertainment session” and a “crisis situation” was underway the time that I left. The entertainment session wasn’t entertaining at ALL. Same sex jokes were being laughed at. It sometimes appalls me that even though we express discomfort over gay jokes, people still enjoy them and laugh at them like they are really funny.

Today, what struck me was the endurance level of the delegate of the UK, a profile on him will also be done (hopefully).

I guess that pretty much covers everything, I am off to the social event i.e the TALENT SHOW. Let’s see how talented these poised individuals are :)


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  1. A for [pine]Apple (asmamirza) on January 4th, 2009 @ 2:44 am

    Wow … finally read it all … amazing talent, huh? :)

    Thanks for sharing the event with us !

    Rock On!

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