Role for the rule of law…

A large number of civil society members protested peacefully bit firmly in Markaz F-7 Jinnah Super Market Islamabad in the afternoon of 27th February 2009.

The protest was against multiple things , primarily the following:

– Lack of Independence of Judiciary and holding back from the promise of reinstsatement of Chief Justice Iftikhar choudhry
– NRO beneficiaries in the current administration
– The way Sharif brothers were disqualified for political objectives , using a pliable judiciary
– The lack of accountability of ex-dictators like Musharraf , and the current political leaders of Pakistan, specially President Zardari
-The way our leaders bow before American agenda and orders.

It was also aimed :

-To gather support from people and civil society for the upcoming long march
– To increase awareness amongst the masses that people of Pakistan need to assert their will to set and keep Pakistan on the right track.

People from all walks of life participated in the gathering , holding placards and protesting in black flags. There were ladies : housewifes , young girls , children , students , local businessmen and traders of Jinnah Super, old retired bureaucrats , young men , people from rich and humble backgrounds. Amongst those whom I could recognize were Mr.Roedad Khan and Mrs.Ghazala Minallah ( wife of Mr.Ather Minallah ) – as they were amongst the leaders . Some people gave brief speeches explaining the viewpoints . The gathering then made a round trip of entire Jinah Super Market , whereby many others joined them and others cheered and supported the cause as well.

Everyone was united in the demand for the restoration of an independent , fair judiciary of Pakistan under the leadership of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry.

There were policemen and officers vieweing and observing the situation , but all was very peaceful and ended gracefully while giving a firm strong message . Very well done indeed.

So – three cheers for the citizens of our beloved Islamabad.


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  1. TNT (ifti) on March 2nd, 2009 @ 7:37 pm

    Useless! our country can only run smooth under martial law. the long march will only result in blockade of traffic for several hours, destruction of more public and govt. property and thrashing of the mob by the police. i’ll consider somebody a leader who can refuse American aid, because when you are fed by someone, you ought to obey him/her . the shariffs may enrage a fire that even they will not be able to handle. crappy politics.

  2. kabirdas on March 3rd, 2009 @ 12:31 am

    Peaceful demostrations will not achieve anything.

    LaTooN kay bhooT baToon say nahiN manay gay.

  3. kaami on March 3rd, 2009 @ 4:30 am


    Musharraf is not running anywhere if others are half as man as they proclaim to be, then they can put him to task and why only Zardari, why cant Mr. Sharif return the hundreds of billions that he stole from this country and then fight for the cause of justice.

    Ahh What Nawaz Sharif will try Mush for? corruption? hahaha….

    How can a nation that gives second chances to common thieves, murderer’s and looters cry for accountability? Beats me…

    I am being pissed off and dread the day when I am forced to write in support of Zardari. Oh…!

    Ahh Roedad Khan!…less said the better.

    @kabidas jee
    Latein karata mein bhee chaltein hein.
    Latein phadday mein bhee chaltein hein.
    Latein Gaddha, Ghoraa bhee chalaata hey
    Latein Bakra bhee chalataa hey (Qurbaani ke waqt)

    @kabirdas: My views on this are known to you and others, however, solely because of personal regard, "I wish you all the success."

    Ahh I now remember Z.A. Bhutto, an eccentric man, who was judicially murdered (correction killed in his cell b4 being hanged) faced the judges, appeared in court, knew what was coming but to his credit always addressed them as My Lords….. Was beaten to death but did not ask for pardon, he had the option. Now I see the educated rallying for a person who cried for pardon and ran away….Good Luck!

    And I am tried of this obscure angle camera shots trying to make few into many and someone to everyone.

    For me restoration of Judiciary with or without Iftikhar is irrelevant, it wont make a difference. However, permanent damaged has been done by this restoration mania.

    American Agenda for Pakistan….is much better than Saudi Agenda for this god forsaken country, which has damaged it beyond repair. From Taleban to Jamaat-e-islami and now to Sharif’s, Saudi money is every where. Perhaps, when Nawaz gets power (chances are good) we can become a Saudi province, a Najdi paradise.

  4. danyhasan on March 3rd, 2009 @ 10:49 am

    I remember seeing Mrs.Ghazala Minallah standing in front. A lady was giving out stickers of CJ Iftikhar to all the vehicles passing by.It was great to see educated people coming out, trying to put their point across. This is the beginning and inshaAllah the results will be good.

  5. kabirdas on March 3rd, 2009 @ 3:54 pm

    @ kaami on March 3rd

    I agree with most of what you have said. My views are no different from yours.

    Kaami Bhai please try to understand me. I am an apolitical person and have always been so. I am not for one and against some other. Like W C Field said : I’m free of all prejudices. I hate all of them equally. I will not vote for any one of them as such. If I could I will vote against them.

    For past 2 years or so I have been thinking about the problem that Pakistan has had in achieving a stable democracy. There could be many reasons for it. But the one which is looking at our face is the absence of rule of law. I am convinced if we have to start afresh and address our multifarious problems our starting point should be an endevour to establish the rule of law in this wretched country. Unless there is rule of law first and foremost all other efforts to rectify the situation will not be of much avail.

    CJ Choudhri wittingly or unwittingly has provided us an opportunity which the lawyers have grabbed to make a start in this direction. I am absolutely sold to this movement. CJ Chaudhri is just a convenient and useful symbol or say a flag of this movement. His restoration will establish a principal which we need to establish once for all. It will be a break from our past and set us on a new path like Sir Thomas More put England on the path of rule of law few centuries back. The rest will follow not overnight but in due course.

    I find lot of similarities between the stand that Sir Thomas More took against Henry the Eigth and CJ Chaudhri took against Musharraf and what followed. If you have some time to spare please do read the book A Man For All Seasons or watch its video about the life of Sir Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor of England and how and why he took a stand against the illegal demand of the King and how things changed for England’s democracy.

    So I have decided to come out of my comfortable drawing room and join this movement on the street. There too I may not be among the so called members of the civil society who will desist from breaking a leaf. I may well join the stone pelting or some ‘danda bardar’ mob because only they will be able to achieve some result if at all some result is achieved. The time for peaceful marches is over now.

    No matter how this movement ends, as a failure or sucess, I and if I am no more there, my children and their children, would al least be able to say that I did my duty to my country and thus to them. I somewhat paid back to my country what she gave me so abundently and genrously.

    This is how things stand as far as I am concerned. May I request you to sometime think about what I am saying and how come a hitherto pacifist like me living a fairly comfortable life of liesure has decided to come on the street with the mob on an issue which prima facie looks like restoration of a suspended CJ.

    Kaami Bhai a little thought by you may show you that the issue is not just that of restoration of a CJ. The real issue is that if we want this country to survive we have got to have rule of law in the country for which this is the most opportune moment which if lost may never come back again

  6. kabirdas on March 3rd, 2009 @ 4:06 pm

    @ kaami

    You rightly say:
    Latein karata mein bhee chaltein hein.
    Latein phadday mein bhee chaltein hein.
    Latein Gaddha, Ghoraa bhee chalaata hey
    Latein Bakra bhee chalataa hey (Qurbaani ke waqt)

    Sir, you have misundersttod my point. I was suggesting ‘latieN’ as an antidote for the ‘latooN kay bhhot’ only and by and for no one else. This antidote is based on many centuries of experience of our ancestors.

  7. kabirdas on March 3rd, 2009 @ 4:17 pm

    @ danyhasan on March 3rd

    This kind of thing has already been tried but faied. This kind of thing could have some impact only in a civlised country or even in a third world country. We have to use the method which is likey to work in not only a third world but also a third class country which is what Pakistan has been turned into by our leaders.

    I reiterate they are ‘laTooN kay bhooT’ who ‘baaToon say nahiN manay gay.’

  8. kaami on March 4th, 2009 @ 12:33 am

    First and foremost, don’t make me into a Bhai, please. The beauty of this medium is that we can communicate with each other via our nicks thus shunning titles or even age differences. So let me be Kaami.

    I also fully understand your point and your historical reference. But the fact of the matter is that Pakistan is not Thomas Moore’s England, there are far more complex variables in play then a straight clash of the King and the Lord Chancellor. My binge with Iftikhar is that he derailed the one chance after more than half a century that this nation got to switch to the right track. By chance we got Mush, whose loyality, sincerety and integrity was not in question. People shamelessly call him dictator despite the fact he ensured that we get unheard of civil liberties, merit be re-instated, institution be rebuilt, we get our elections and despite our tight rope walk between Bush’s US, Saudia, Osama, Afghanistan and India, the country moved forward. In 2007 the nation came out of the Lal Masjid crises badly bruised, but the leader stood firm, he knew he was needed for a bit more time, there was no selfish interest. The country could not be handed back to the same old lot. That was the worst time to trigger as I call it "suo motto destabilization" by an Applet Body, whose job is not parallel governance, unless the CJ himself ideologically motivated.

    Sensible nations come together in the times of crises; they unite against the common enemy, while others shoot themselves in the foot. And look who benefited? Common thieves disguised as politicians, (their joy ride may be short lived) and Osama and his many franchises/allies/sympathisers. They would not have scripted it better. The more chaos there is in Pakistan, the more they gain strength and increase their safety zone.

    In England and rest of Europe the engine that drove change was industrial revolution which eventually made Monarchy and Landed Gentry irrelevant. It was the growing strength of artisans and merchants that sidelined authoritarianism and made middle classes the power centre of politics.

    I know Mush’s favourite book was the biography of Atta Turk, the last line of which said and I quote," He was a dictator, so that there are no more". Strong & honest leaders are a rare commodity, they are often controversial, they also make mistakes but every nation needs them and uses them until their job is done.

    In the end I do wish that I am proven wrong, that your point of view prevails. That’s a win win for everybody, as mine sinks deeper & deeper into pessimism.

  9. ڈفرستان کا ڈفر (duffer) on March 4th, 2009 @ 3:16 pm

    لاتوں کا زمانہ گزر گیا
    اب تو کارتوس چلتے ہیں
    اور بم گرتے ہیں

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