Power to the People

Since the long march fever is in the air, I would like to make my first post on this blog related to this astonishing show of power on the streets by the people of Pakistan. The enthusiasm and determination of the leaders and the marchers looked promising since the beginning, and everyone had a feeling that something was definitely about to change. And changes did happen. People are merrymaking throughout the country after the recent decision made by the worthy premier. Now they have a bright future ahead of them… a future full of hope, prosperity, and reformation. But you never know what might come up next, and people have learned to add that tinge of unpredictability in their list of items which they expect to happen in the future. Nevertheless, this event has certainly boosted the morale of the nation, and the once dying hopes have been rekindled.

There was a deathly silence in the air yesterday morning when I set out to buy some groceries and vegetables. The veggies were almost all sold out, leaving me to choose from an unsavory assortment of rotten little onions and tomatoes hidden in a heap of onion peel. The people sure were in a shopping mood yesterday morn, some of them even pushing themselves in front of the line at the shopping store to get their stuff checked out quickly. I met a policeman who lives in our street, and he told me that I hate to do what we have been told to do, but it’s our job. Poor guys. I feel sorry for them sometimes… as much as I occasionally hate them.

This event, this long march, will certainly go down in history as the time when the people of Pakistan rose up and pushed their way through all blockages and hurdles and raised their voice against injustice and oppression. In a time when we wonder what the future would hold for our children, and our children’s children, we now have something that we can feel proud telling them about. We can tell them how the revolution began, how the fire that once burned in the hearts of the Muslims of the sub-continent burned in the past few days of every single person in the country, and we can tell them to be strong, to be brave, and to work hard to make things right.

But let us all remember one important thing. Even though the future events would not turn out as expected, or something else happens, something worse, we should not consider ourselves failures. We should not think that our efforts were all in vain. What we did was for the world to see and hear. We proved ourselves that we will not cower in the face of oppression, and we will not suffer for something which is not our fault. We have showed all international powers that we are a peace loving nation, that we stand united to make all things right, and that we have hearts which cherish freedom, love, peace and happiness immensely, the fundamental characteristics that define who we are… the indestructible and powerful people of Pakistan.

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  1. TNT (ifti) on March 16th, 2009 @ 8:04 pm

    aee crazymonkey’s first post.

    After so much painstaking since the independence of our country, i think and actually it is an irony that first time real power of people has been put to change the direction of the winds and not to adjust the sails . Made possible only by the suffering we had to go through. i am sure now nobody will feel remorse to describe our history to generations next to come, how the nation was pushed against the wall triggering an unleash of power within. i dont know how the new judiciary is going to help but that is unimportant. the thing that made me jubilant and that should also make every Pakistani jubilant to was the show force of Civilian power to the international community. they must have been overwhelmed by the determination of Pakistanis , and must have changed their views about us at least i changed mine. Hats off to the people…
    and congratulations.

  2. wkhang on March 17th, 2009 @ 9:31 pm

    Crazy Monkey,

    Good Yarrr, now we will see some masala in Isb posts….

    Good Luck.


  3. Muneeb Ahmed (mutecs91) on March 18th, 2009 @ 12:51 pm

    in these 60 years, the people of this country have survived on only one single thing, hope…the hope that one day we will have an elected government, a free judiciary and independent institutions…..as far as free judiciary is concerned, i don’t think that reinstating the judges will do any good…..people have also in fact tied hope with him….. one day he also will retire…..who will be his predecessor??? but still i applaud the power of the people…..

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