April 22, 2009: Earth Day

Today is just like any other day. It is bright, it is shiny and it is slightly hot. The trees of Islamabad are green and the flowers, that have sprouted almost everywhere, are colourful. The only difference between this day and any other is that it is Earth Day 2009. Earth day is celebrated to spread awareness about taking care and preserving the environment. It also inspires appreciation in the people about the environment of this wonderful plant that we live on.

It was the year 1970 when this day got recognition as Earth Day. The founder of this day is considered to be Gaylord Nelson who was a US senator from Wisconsin at that time. He proposed a nationwide environmental protest that would bring the attention of the political higher ups of that time towards this issue. He also hoped to create a strong awareness among the masses that would in turn bring this environment issue onto the national agenda.

Started out as a national protest in the US, this movement of awareness spread among other nations as well. It was 1990 when it went global. That year Earth Day was celebrated by many countries throughout the world. Since then this tradition is being followed regularly, each year.

Even though I have not seen any posters advertising this day on the streets of Islamabad, nor have I yet seen anything related to this in the newspaper, but I believe that out nation is also among those celebrating this day. I, for one, am fully up for it. What about you?

PS: I am not only up for celebrating days but i believe in action as well. Hope you all do too.

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